Accountable Soul - Email Coaching Package


I have several email only coaching packages, and these are perfect for you:
If you don't like talking on the phone, struggle with face to face meetings, or prefer a relaxed written approach, where you can read in your own time & take notes.
Please see individual email coaching packages and each description to pick the one that suits your needs the best.


* Accountable Soul 

Do you want someone to keep you on track with your goals, dreams & making it happen.

Someone to say, Hey it's ok and to support, uplift and empower you, when you lose your way, or feel fearful & unconfident.

If so, you can send me a check in email once a month ( last Friday of every month) with how you're getting on, what your goals are, and what your struggling with.

I will then send you a reply (I aim to reply within 12-24 hours) 

What is included:

Monthly check in email for 4 months (1 per month) for any questions, breakdowns & breakthroughs.

Pre coaching questionaire which is focused on finding out where you are right now, what you want from your life, or what you want to achieve within the next 4 months.

Inspiration, motivation and support so you can create the best version of you, and your life, with your soul as your compass, so you can be true to you, and your hopes and dreams.

You will get:

4 x monthly emails (4 months worth, 1 per month)

With my thoughts, links to a selection of tips & techniques

Suggested journalling & reading prompts

4 x original quotes by lily grace, sent via email

1 x self love & self care PDF guide, sent via email

1 x soulful life rules PDF guide, sent via email

To help you with your journey, for digging deep into your soul, so you can be supported to make soulful decisions, for your way forward, so you can put this into practice to living, loving and leading your life, your way, and by your core soulful life rules, and be true to you.

Your investment:

£200 GBP payable at the time of booking

Or if you wish you can pay in installments of £50  I have included a variant for 4 x £50 payments on the product listing, But please contact me prior to booking, if for whatever reason this has not worked, so we can set up 4 x £50 payments for you via paypal ( will incur a small charge to cover paypal fees)

Please note no coaching will start until all payments are completed and cleared.

This package cannot be rescheduled

No refunds are given on any coaching seesions, this includes no shows, cancellations etc:

A percentage of all sales and services, will be donated to our charities.

* Please see our giving back page for more information here:

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