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Being true to yourself, is an act of courage

And starts with you!

Are you finally ready to be true to yourself, to your dreams & passions, to finally love yourself soulfully & unconditionally.

Are you ready to look at the stuff you let hide away inside your heart, and do the work you were born to do.

Are you finally ready to let those little buds, you call your dreams, bloom & flourish even if it's pouring with rain, and fly free?

Are you ready to stand up and claim the life you want, in your own way, and by your own rules.

Being true to yourself is no longer just desirable, it is something that is damn right essential!

If you have found your way here, to this page, chances are you can relate to one or more of these situations:

You're in a job where you seem to spend a lot of you're time trying to "fit in " and doing or saying what is expected of you, and you are wondering how you can be yourself, instead of trying to be the person the job, or other people want you to be.

You had a dream about how your life was going to be, and what you wanted to achieve, but this was before life gave you other things such as a job you hate, children, a mortgage, and so many damn hats to wear, and plates to spin, or life has thrown you so many curveballs, you can't see straight.

And you are wondering what happened to my "big vision" all those plans I had, where did my dreams go? if only I had the time, or someone to help me, or maybe if I get up earlier, and work a little harder, that will help... right?

You've been meaning to take up dancing again, or going to that book club on a wednesday night, but only if you have sorted everyone else's needs first, but you are now thinking god wearing this superwoman cape is getting heavy, and you are starting to get so tired of putting everyone else's needs first, instead of your own.



So, what does being true to you mean exactly?

I believe that being true to yourself is one of the single most important things you will ever do... and also one of the most hardest things you will ever do...

We all crave a sense of belonging; whether that is in our families, in our workplace, or within our community.

In a world where pleasing others, performing for others, filters on your photographs, and your words and everyday life has become the new normal, being true to yourself is a pure and simple act of courage, and a nod to the hell yeah!

There is no magic wand or potion for being true to yourself, and every person's path is completely different, that's the beauty of this thing called life.



My coaching, mentoring, and any other services I offer, started with something I had been searching for, something I needed and couldnt find, and that was a business and services that led from the heart,businesses and people that were not just after your money, but wanted to give back to you, and took your soulful self into consideration so I created my own version.

Welcome to the three pillars of self, and being true to you, the heart and soul of you, this is something I practice myself daily because I used to be that person who gave all of me, that there was not enough left in my own cup for myself, and I crashed and burned.

So before I serve you, and offer you the best of me, and the best service I can, I always do my three pillars of self.

The first step..... is to build foundations and layers that have, your needs, your wants, your ideals, your beliefs, your goals and your dreams, carved within them.

Being true to yourself.... is having the courage to look within yourself first and building these foundations and layers first, before you try to build up, or give to anyone else, you cannot give from an empty cup....


Love and feed your own soulful self first!



 You know you want to release your inner soulful self, you know you want to reach out for your goals, your dreams, and your souls purpose, you know the one that keeps knocking at your heart and won't let go!

You know you want more time and freedom to be creative, to work smarter not harder, to pursue your dreams, to spend time with family & friends.

And you know are finally so tired of your own inner critic, your fear and your mind monkey, you know the one who sits on your shoulder, and says you can't do that, or who do you think you are to do that, well my lovely i'm here to tell you, yes you so damn can!

You know you want a positive and happy mindset, to be less fearful, and more confident, and you know you want to stop worrying about what others think of you, because you are finally tired of seeking the approval of other people.

You know you want to live, love and lead your life, on your own terms, with your soulful life rules, and your soul as your compass, with meaning, purpose and joy.

You know you want more meaninful connections, in your life, and an amazing tribe who have your back, and more meaninful connected conversations.

But if only you didn't suffer from comparititis (imposter syndrome) or worry about everything being perfect, and procrastination sets in...

Let me tell you something my lovely, perfect does not exist, nor does the perfect time, we only ever have this moment, not yesterday, today or tomorrow, just the very moment you are in, and here's the truth... life can be chaos and damn messy

But this is why we should make the most of it, after all as my grandad used to say, we are longer dead than alive... true that...

You know you are fed up of being the giver, and the one who is always doing for everyone else, the oh she'll do it kind of lady, fed up of living by everyone else's rules, and doing what you think is expected of you, and making the tough decisions for everyone else, because you think you should.

And your telling yourself, what about me, what about my life and my needs, there must be more?

Well my lovely... yes there is... you just have to reach out with both hands, and your heart and grab it... i'm here to support you.


 I believe we all deserve to be true to our inner selves, to reach higher,  to dream bigger and bolder than we ever thought possible, who says you can't?


So Why Work with me?

Because my lovely, I have been where you are right now, been there, done it, and got the damn T shirt, I have walked that lonely mile in those shoes, wearing bruises, plasters, a smile and sheer detemination, to get through to the next minute, the next hour, the next day without crying.

Because i've been the woman so scared of reaching out for my dreams, there was always someone else or something else that needed me, so I hid my dreams in a tiny pocket of my heart for another day...even though I desperately wanted to set them free to fly.

Because i've been the woman that worried more about what others thought of me, my life and my decisions, for fear of being judged, and wanting to fit into other peoples ideals and expectations.

The one who was never really happy, you know true heart and damn soul laughing out loud happy, the woman who wasn't living up to my full potential.

For all my life, I have been the woman who has constantly been there for my family, my friends and other people, without asking for anything in return, and forgetting about what I wanted, or needed, forgetting about my joy.

I have spun so many plates, and juggled my time with people, and their emotions, their drama, trauma and everything else inbetween, whilst wearing my invisable cape, and a smile with tears in my eyes.

I have got bloody good at juggling people, time, problem solving, and being in a million places at once ( ive often wished for a clone of me)


I am the woman with a dream, and the biggest heart, to help as many women as I can, women who may have been where I have, women who feel invisible, not worth it, women who know they finally want to say yes, I want more, I know there is more, I have a dream, and goals for my life.
I am the woman who wants to inspire you, guide you, empower you, and support you to become the very best version of you, so you can finally be true to yourself, and live, love and lead your life, your way, with your soul as your compass.
Everything I do is heart and soul led, I give 110% of me, and I love big at all times, I believe that being true to ourselves is an act of courage ( be a lion lovely and roar)
My role is to be there to inspire you, empower you, guide you and support you, to develop your own soulful life rules.
Soulful life rules, that bring you creativity, spirituality, inspiration,  joy, happiness, and positivity.
Soulful life rules that allow you to finally believe in you, your goals, dreams, and wants in life, on your own terms, with your soul as your compass, so you can finally start to be true to you, flaws, quirks, scars and all.
I am not here to fix you my lovely, because let me tell you, you are not broken, your past does not make you who you are, it may have shaped some of your decisions, but it does not define you.
You my are a beautiful soul, your light and your inner grace are just hidden waiting to be found, waiting to finally come out and shine....



I don't have all the answers, I wish I did, no one does, and I won't do the work for you, only you can do that, as it's your personal journey.

However I will be there 110% to support you, to listen to you, and to work alongside of you.

I ask you to keep an open mind, and an open heart, I challenge you to reach inside of yourself, and outside of your comfort zone, and dream bigger and brighter than ever before, as you explore what it reallly means, for you to be true to yourself, in every area of your life.


My approach to coaching or mentoring is not for everyone, and that's ok, I don't want it to be, I don't want to fit a mould or to be super succesful, I totally believe that we should trust our own judgement in who we decide to work with, or what is right for us, it's called gut instinct for a good reason.
Do I want you to work with me.... hell yes, but only if it is right for you... I believe 100%  that the power of two and working together, and having someone understand totally what you've been through helps...
Go on I dare you, take those fist steps, and the next, so you can reach your full potential in life, its your time now, and yes you can, because my lovely, you are so worth it....

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Dream Bigger. Be Graceful. Laugh Lots.