The Heart Of Me & My Training

Current Archetype.... The Creator/Alchemist, and The Nurturer, bringing the heart of you, home to your soul.
Once upon a time I had a dream... to be the girl who tried everything with no fear, and to be the girl who gave back, and helped everyone, especially survivors of lifelong bullying, sexual abuse, and domestic abuse.
Truth was, that was.... and still is me, I'm still that girl, I have never been able to settle and just pick one thing, I'm a multi passionate visionary, an artist, writer, story teller, healer, Teacher, nurse, dancer, friend, mum, nanni.
But mostly I'm a creator and love to make beautiful things, from my wild sometimes crazy ideas, and I'm a carer/nurturer who loves to give back, and take care of the heart and soul of you.
My Education... Growing up my life has been strengthened by the diverse situations I have gone through, and the connections I have made, I don't have any formal qualifications due to my parents moving us 300 miles or so, to a totally different county, in the middle of my 15th year, and despite me wanting and trying to get some qualifications, the school board refused to let me sit any formal exams.
However I did go on to do a training course when leaving school, where I worked with children in a junior school, the elderly in a care home, I worked in retail,in a wool shop and garden center.
And voluntary I also worked with vunerable adults with learning disabilities in a residental care home and in a hospital setting as I wanted to be a carer in some form, but when my training course ended with no job, I went and found myself a job and went on to become a full time nanny with the sole care and responsibilites of two children and a household.
However when I had my children, it became apparent that being a full time mum was to become my only priorty, with 3 out of my 4 children, having Autisum, and severe learning and mental health issues, so I had to learn tips and techniques to help them learn to live within their own worlds, and the many pitfalls and tears this brought on a daily basis, I had to be nurse, mentor, teacher, friend, playdate, and mum, all by myself with no support, help or advice from anyone.
So although I don't have formal qualifications, I do have many informal ones, that include a million different things from teaching my children how to play, how to live and be ok in their own world, how to overcome fears, how to overcome the feeling of being different, and to become a confident souls and laugh no matter what life throws their way or mine, for together we can do anything in this world.
I am now pursuing my own journey, to empower, support, inspire, and help others to become true to their own selves, so they can love, live and lead their lives with their soul as their compass, with my life coaching and holistic trainings.
I am currently partnering and training with:
Kain Ramsey for my:
Achology Certified Life Coaching Certificate, and my Achology Life Coaching Practitioner Diploma.
NLP Practitioner Advanced
Cognitive Therapy Practitioner Certifictae (CBT)
Mindfulness Practitioner Course Master Level
Lynne Taggart spiritual life coach for my buisness mentoring and my essential oil education
Febuary 2019:
I will start my life coach certification with the beautiful you life coaching academy which is certified with the coaching federation, I will be done and certified for this course by August 2019.
I do have other courses I will be doing trainings with, once these are all completed to include:
Deeper life coaching trainings
Counselling Practitioner Advanced
MBCT Mindfullness based cognitive therapy
MBSR mindfullness based stress reduction
Theraputic art life coaching certificate & theraputic art for healing, happiness and stress reduction
Hypnotherapy advanced certificate
Certified Aromatherapy Diploma
All of which I hope to have completed by the spring of 2020.
I have explored deeply.. what I love and what I fear, I'm no stranger to conflict and contrast, and I believe this is what makes us the cosmic magical miracles that we all are.
I've shared my adventures and mishaps with others so they know no matter what, you can do what you think you couldn't, and seeing them light up, lit a flame in me to empower more people to become true to being themselves wholeheartedly.
My passion, purpose,and my hopeful magical formula:
I am all about #community over competition, collaboration, being a community leader, a speaker for your truth, writer, and coach/mentor to empower you to claim back your own courage, and soulful truth, so you can light yourself up with joy and grace, so you can love, live and lead your life with your soul as your compass = Transformation.
I believe that when we are ture to who we really are, our authentic soulful self, and we mix that with our own magical personal powers, amazing things can and will happen, if you allow it... and that is when we transform and gain our wings to fly.
The more you light up, the more I fire up, and I love nothing more than supporting you to transform, I love bringing visions to life, and guiding clients as they take the next step into being true to their heart and soul of themselves, to support them into fanning their inner spark of light into a fully flegded flame that shines like the brightest star.
Now as a heart led empowerment & happiness life coach, mentor, creator & nurturer, I get to do this for a living... WOW.. my own dream come true.
I'd love you to join me, so you too can claim your true soulful self.