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I wanted to be able to offer you free printables that you can download straight from the website, but seems I have hit a snag, there isnt an app to do this.. unless I password protect the page, and I didnt want to do that.

So for now until I can figure out another way, if you want to get hold of all the free printable goodies I have in store for you.... sign up for the Lily Grace Letters from the heart occasional newsletter, using the sign up form at the bottom of this page, the homepage, or any page of the website where you see the newsletter subscribe button.


Once you have done this, then send me an email with your full name and when you signed up to the newsletter, saying you would love the free printable, and which printable/printables you would like to recieve.

Images only no links will be added to this page for reference and I will send them to you via a newsletter or email especially for you.

I promise not to bombard you, one because I am only just getting the hang of this newsletter thingy me bob, two because it is seriously a pet peeve of mine to get newsletters to my own inbox daily, or weekly telling me the same thing.

My aim is to only send newsletters when I have something to share with you, such as new product launches, brand new service offerings, or special offers that are to good to miss, seasonal gift guides, or updates on juicy blog post news, and I def won't be sending them daily or weekly, unless you tell me you want that, Id love to know your own views on newsletters, and how often you would like them, so either comment below or let me know via email.


Below you will find images of the free printables on offer:

1) Self Love & Gratitude PDF printable




This is the only way to get these free printables for now, until I can find another way to get them to you.

The one thing I can't stand, and hate to do myself is messing people around.

 I so wanted to make this really easy for you, so I aplogise in advance, but I'll be honest and say I am a total tech nerd and still learning the ropes, so please bear with me until I figure this out, which I will...

So until then, if you want the free printables, all you need to do is sign up for the letters from the heart....newsletter...

And hit the subscribe buttom at the bottom of this page or on the homepage, and follow the instructions above..