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Welcome to my Soulfully Aligned page, which I hope will empower you, inspire you and help you with (tips, tools and techniques featured on the blog) to enhance, transform, and heal all areas of your mind, body and soul, and in all areas of your life and business.

I was first told about the natural powers of essential oils over a year ago, after going through several years of personal trauma, it was only when my emotional wellbeing became broken after I had reached such a low point, and not sleeping that I started looking into essential oils and the healing they can give you.
I will admit I was still a little dubious, so I spoke to my nurse when having my regular B12 injection in May about it, thinking she would tell me, no see your doctor for anti depressents which I wanted to avoid at all costs, one as I cannot swallow tablets, and two because I didnt class myself as depressed, just very emotionally broken and at the lowest point in my life I had ever been.
So with her views in mind, I started to do more research into the benefits of essential oils, on not just your mind, but body and soul to, apart from my emotinal wellbeing not being up to scratch, neither was my sleeping, my confidence and self esteem, but id also become very fearful of being seen and puting myself in situations I could not control.
I had basically given up on life and my business.
But since finding out more and finding myself mentor in the beautiful soul that is Lynne Taggart for my essential oil journey, I have started to use the magic little oils on a daily basis, to uplift me, to empower me, to aid my sleep pattern and my overall emotional wellbeing both in my personal life and my business life.
I have only been using oils since June 2018, but the difference it has made already for me, in such a short space of time, is amazing, not only am I sleeping better, I am much more postive, confidence and feel so empowered that I know I can now handle anything life throws my way.
My family has also beniffited as I am using these essential oils in all parts of our lives, from cleaning to healing, from soul to sole, one healing drop at a time.
My intention with my wellness community, is to uplift, inspire and empower you, to choose your own journey with essential oils, and use them to support yourself into inner alignment not just for your mind, but for your heart, soul, body, life, love and business.

So who are Doterra? here is a little of their story:

Our Story

Founded in 2008, doTERRA was built on the mission of sharing therapeutic-grade essential oils with the world. Having seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious resources, a group of health-care and business professionals set out to make this mission a reality. They formed a company and named it doTERRA, a Latin derivative meaning “Gift of the Earth.”

The first hurdle to overcome, however, was to establish a standard of quality in an industry that had never had one. It wasn’t enough to simply provide essential oils to homes around the world; the doTERRA founders were committed to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils so that families could know with surety that they were using only the best to promote health and wellness for their loved ones. This commitment led to the creation of a new standard of therapeutic quality: CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®.

To achieve such a grand vision as bringing essential oils to the world required a team of dedicated people. This team would need to be made up of people dedicated to hard work, commitment, passion, and vision. That team has grown since its initial inception, but the mission remains the same—to provide essential oils that appeal to everyone from the novice to the expert, and that can be used safely on your loved ones.

Sharing essential oils is a unique experience, and the founders of doTERRA recognized that a sales model just as unique would be needed. In order to best facilitate personal essential oil experiences, doTERRA utilizes a direct selling model that allows distributors to work with customers as opposed to mass marketing. This more individual approach allows individuals to experience for themselves the incredible power of essential oils while also developing relationships of trust. This model also created the opportunity for individuals and families to achieve their dreams of financial independence. Over 2 million Wellness Advocates, now use and sell doTERRA products around the world.

The first offering of doTERRA essential oils included 25 single oils and 10 blends and was introduced for sale on April 25, 2008. Since that time, the doTERRA product offering has added many more single oils and oil blends as well as nutritional, spa, and healthy living products based on essential oil technologies and a comprehensive wellness philosophy. Of course, that offering couldn’t be possible without a Global Botanical Network of artisans and distillers. As doTERRA has become a trusted partner in the essential oils industry, it has also been able to help communities improve their own economic futures through its Co-Impact Sourcing® model and the doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation.

Based in a state of the art facility in Pleasant Grove, Utah, doTERRA continues to work toward achieving its vision of providing all families everywhere with the health-promoting benefits of essential oils. 


So why essential oils & personal coaching?

A fabulous question! well firstly my passion is for helping women to become the very best version of themselves, mind, body and soul, and after using doterra essential oils and having it work for me, to balance my emotional wellbeing, I wanted to share the benefits that using these could have.

For a lot of years I havent used anything other than dissovable tablets ( I can't swallow normal ones, as my throat closes over ) or a headache stick and then only if I really have to, but after reaching such a low point and knowing I didnt want traditional depression/low mood tablets or other remedies from my GP, this is where the doterra essential oils came in.

You may think like I once did, oh this is a bit woo woo, but I ask you to keep an open mind, and see what happens, you never know, it may surprise you.

There are several ways to learn more about the oils, and to get started with them:

You can:

 Join my team to get access to:

* Essential Oils At Wholesale Cost

* Access To Me For Soulful Guidance

* Support & Business Training

* Product Tips & Training

* Opportunity To Grow & To Connect To A Soulful Tribe

** Earn And Become Debt Free 

( ** disclamer if this is what you choose to do, as a job)


There are two different ways you can

start your essential oil journey:

Join as a wholesale customer (order whenever you want at 25% off)

Join as a wellness advocate order at 25% & off & build your wellness business, earning free products and commisions as you share your oil journey.

Step 1: Click Here >>> Add my doterra link

Step 2: Choose the wholesale customer option, this is what 90% of people do, so you can claim your 25% discount off the essential oils or other products you may want, this option can be upgraded after 90 days, if you wish to build a buisness.

Step 2 alternative: Choose the Wellness Advocate option if you are wanting to build a buiness with the essential oils and other products, add in my enroller & sponser ID number, this should already be there in the enroler & sponsor box for you, but if not enter my ID number of 6306079 and my name Lisa Martin should appear.

Step 3: Fill in all your personal details in the sections provided.

Step 4: Choose whichever starter kit you are drawn to, and any other products you would like to get your 25% off and add to your cart.

I chose to pick the essential aromatherapy diffuser kit when I joined



Step 5: or if you are not drawn to a kit, you could just choose to add the enrollment package for £20, and add the products you would like to your cart, still gaining the 25% off (please note the starter kits will save you more money)

I would recommend adding fractionated coconut oil to your cart, so that you can begin diluting and blending your essential oils (especially for children & elderly)





Step 6: Finalize your shipping & payment details, click process order now & continue, and say welcome to your new essential oil wellbeing journey.


Essential Oil Classes

Online classes are free, and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

Live class events: cost per person £ and includes class materials, and a sample bottle of essential oil.

Our new live classes will be starting in January 2019, and events will be added to the events page.

1- to -1 Sessions

Cost per person: £15 to include tea & cake.

In my 1 to 1 sessions we will meet for up to 1 hour, either in my home, or a venue in Beverley, where I provide tea & cake, and we talk about what's going on for you, in your life, and more importantly, how you are currently feeling, and what you hope to change or achieve.

I will then offer up information on up to 5 - 7 essential oils & blends that could work to balance your emotions, health and wellbeing.

In each 1 hour session you get to sample the oils for yourself, as I bring along my samples for you to look at, smell them, and try them.

The oils can be placed in a diffuser, or on the skin with a carrier oil, I recommend fractionated coconut oil, some can be used neat, and some can be taken orally.

This will all be discussed in our session, and also how often you can use them daily, for instance, I use my essential oils in a blend I have created for my deodrant with no carrier oil, I diffuse lavender and the peace blend for a good nights sleep, Clary calm I use for my mother nature's monthly visit, and the whisper blend I use 2 drops neat on my skin as perfume, it smells divine, and different on each person.


What are the benefits of Doterra Essential oils?


It is impossible to pinpoint the specific bebefits you may experience as a result of using doterra essential oils, as we are all unique with different dna makeup, and as the oils work on an individual basis meaning that some benefits may be felt by some, and not by others, IE: lavender may work for me to aid my sleeping better but it may not work for you, peace may work better, it's all a matter of preferance, and each of us are different.


Some common reasons people may use essential oils are:

High stress levels

Being unable to sleep

Low self esteem


Fears or worries

And for support during a particular period of hardship


Essential oils can help to improve your outlook on life, it can help with feeling low and behavioural patterns, and it can even help to change your limiting beliefs, which are no longer serving you.


But more importantly doterra essential oils are entirely natural, and put you in control of your life, and your emotions, these can just help to support & empower you, while you work through your emotions, health and wellbeing.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in trying for yourself, then contact me at lisa@glitterandgrace.co.uk to book yours today.

Important note: I am not a trained psychologist, nor am I trained counsellor (as yet) and if you feel that this kind of additional support might be helpful for you, I can help you to identify a suitable practitioner in either of these areas.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx