Books are a huge part of my life, they are a means of escape, self development, wisdom and wonder.

Here are some of my personal favourite books

That I have read so far!

I hope each one you will find inspiring, empowering and uplifting to read, I would love to know what you think of them, have your ready any of them, did they help you in your personal journey, or do you have books you would love to see included in the Lily Grace book club once a month.


Gabrielle Bernstien... 

The universe has your back, this is the book I am currently reading, just a few pages to go.


Carrie Green....  

She means business, I read this book over a year ago now, and found it helpful, insightful and made many notes, including what I wanted from my life, and my business.

Elizabeth Gilbert...

Big magic, this book has been sitting on my bookshelves for over a year now, every so often peeking out at me, from in between the other books it sits with, light is the new black, and girl code, it's been winking at me and saying read me for long enough now, so today I decided to pick it for lily grace collective, book club, for the months of November and december., let's finish the year with a sprinkle of sparkle and a dash of magic.


Join the book club:

Every 2/3 months, sometimes once a month, depending how quickly we read, we choose a new book, focusing on the positive, the inspiring, the empowering or just the bloody good read, fact, fiction, or other, we love a good story, a story that moves us in life, love, business and beyond.

This is held inside the Facebook group the Lily Grace Collective, click on the image below to join us...