Handcrafted Gemstone Mala Necklace - Mermaid Soul


You are a woman whose spirit is graceful, wild and free, with a mermaids soul, sand between your feet, and the wind in your hair.

You allow your intuititon to guide you, as you explore the world, with child like mystery, and wonder.

A mermaid symbolises femininity and love.

Mermaids Soul is handcrafted with love using:

Amethyst 6 mm faceted round semi precious gemstones:

Ameythst is one of the world's most spiritual gemstones, it enhances intuition, spirituality, and helps to develop a deeper understanding of life, it is an extermely protecting gemstone, that has a calming influence on the mind and the spirit, it helps to balance your emotions.

Amazonite 6m faceted rondell semi precious gemstones:

Aids with emotions, balances stress and heals trauma, Amazonite is known as the gemstone of courage & truth, creates a sense of calm and trust within your soul.

Clear Quartz 6.5 mm faceted round semi precious gemstones:

Quartz is known as the master healer, the master of all gemstones, it promotoes clarity, aids with creativity, and helps with wisdom and insight.

Chalcedony 20 mm sterling silver bezel set, green chalcedony pendant.

Chalcedony balances the emotions, it increases vitality, and encourages speaking from your heart, it brings joy, love and kindness.

Rosewood 6mm smooth round wooden beads:

Rosewood is an all round healer, and protects from negative energy.

Sterling Silver 6 mm and 3 mm smooth round beads:

Sterling silver is a sacred metal of the moon, it aids spiritual growth, and reflects light back into the soul.

Mermaid Soul has in total 147 beads, and has a hang length of.. 32 and a half inches approx

Pendant drop 3 quaters of an inch approx.

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