Special Offer Soulful You V.I.P. Full Day Coaching


Are you waiting for the perfect time to chase your dreams?

Can I tell you my lovely there is no perfect time, or timing, all we are given is right this moment, do you want to take this moment to finally begin to be true to you, and love, lead and live your life with your soul as your compass?

Nourish your mind, body and soul with this V.I.P Full Day intensive session:

Includes Lunch and cake: ( did I mention it includes cake, who doesn't love cake)

This V.I.P intensive session, is focused completely around you, and where you are in your mind & life right now, and what your hopes and dreams are for your future, and what you want to achieve.

So you can be true to you, and live, love and lead your life, your way, with your soul as your compass.


To Include:

A pre coaching questionaire, this is focused on finding out what you want to achieve, and creating the best version of you & your life, with your soul as your compass

1 x full day session, you and me in a central location within Beverley

(other locations can be discussed, please email me to discuss the options) prior to booking as my time & travel outside of Beverley will incur a futher charge, and the cost will depend on location.

A full day totally focused on you (plus two 30 min tea & cake breaks, included in the price)

Within our session we will eat lunch, or tea together ( Lunch, or Tea with bubbly included in the package price)

Email support for one week afterwards (office hours) for any questions, breakdowns, and breakthroughs.

1 email from me with suggested tips, techniques, reading & journalling prompts.

Gift from me to include:

1 original quote art print by lily grace (unframed size 5 x 7)

A pretty notebook

1 x soulful life rules guide

1 x self love & self care PDF guide

A mini set of essential oils

All wrapped in pretty packaging

Your investment:

Tea, Coaching & Cake launch special offer price: I have created this very special opportunity for five soulful women only! to book a soulful you V.I.P Full day session, for 50% off of the usual price for 1 month only before the price goes back up..

That's only £325 GBP for the full day intensive, to be paid in full at the time of booking, and is limited to the first five women, to book and pay for the session in full, for a very limited time only!

You may reschedule this appointment with at least 48 hours notice (once only) 

No refunds are given on any coaching sessions, including cancellations and no shows etc:


You will gain...

* Insight and direction with your chosen dreams and goals and what you want to achieve in mind.

* Discover what's holding you back, you know that mind monkey that sits on your shoulder, and tell's you that you can't, well my lovely i'm here to say you can! and how you can start to overcome this.

* How to use your current passions, skills & experiences to realise your dreams and achieve what you want to.

* Clarity, energy & focus, and action steps to start making those dreams of yours happen.

* Heightened sense of self awreness, self worth & self belief 

* Support & guidance on your self development, and turning your actions into reality

For you to do before our session:

Take notes on where you are right now, and what you would love to achieve in your life, dream bigg, don't hold back, what changes you want to make, and pop them in the answers to the pre coaching questionaire.

Create a mini vision board for our session 

A percentage of all our sales & services, will be donated to our charities.

* Please see our giving back page for more information here:

Dream Bigger . Be Grateful. Laugh Lots

After All A Flower Still Blooms In The Rain


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