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Timelines are a key part of your wedding day, they can make or break how your day runs, I personally love a good, but pretty timeline, and love to create them not just for weddings, but for family parties or get together's, family holidays, meetings with clients etc.
A wedding Timeline usually has several components that you need to think about...
: Pre - Ceremony
: Ceremony
: Post Ceremony / Cocktail Hour
: Reception Dinner & Send Off

Pre -  Ceremony

Always start where you are planning on waking up on your wedding day, whether that is going to be your own home, your parents home, or your hotel where you will get ready, have your hair and makeup or any pampering done in the morning, and hold your ceremony or reception dinner.

The very first thing you should do when planning your timeline is: Take your ceremony start time as a marker for the whole day's events, remember to take into account the time needed for having photographs taken, having your hair and makeup done, getting ready and any travel time.

So below is an example for a Pre - Ceremony timeline for all parties staying at the hotel venue, and with a ceremony start time of 2.30 pm.

8.30 am Breakfast

9 am Manicure or other treatments - Bride

9.30 am Photographer arrives and starts taking candid shots of bride and bridal party, getting ready, having hair and make up done, bride with her parents etc.

11.45 am Bridesmaids and bridal party, dressed and ready.

12.15 pm Bride dressed and ready

12.30 pm Photographs of bridal party and bride at the hotel ready to leave.

1.15 pm Bridesmaids and mother of the bride, and bridal party travel to church.

1.30 pm Bride and her father travel to church.

1.45 Groom and his best men and ushers arrive at the church.

2 pm Guests, bridesmaids and first bridal party arrive at church

2.15 pm Bride and her father arrive at church

2.15 pm photographs of bride and her bridal party outside the church.

2.30 pm Ceremony to begin. 

Ceremony Timeline

You also need to factor in how long your ceremony may take, from arriving and first pictures, to last pictures at the church and travelling to the reception, the timings for your ceremony will also need to take into account your chosen faith and how many in your bridal party, any readings and music etc.

A typical christian ceremony with a bridal party of 6, and 1 reading usually takes about 30 minutes, but add in more readings a bigger bridal party, a slower walk down the aisle, a catholic or greek wedding which can take 1.5 hours.

For example my own wedding ceremony took nearly 2 hours, as my wedding car took me to the wrong church after getting lost, having my mum walk me down the aisle, she is normally wheelchair bound and has very restricted movement due to having several strokes aged 41, but she was determined to walk the whole aisle unaided, cue lots of tears, 4 maids, 2 ushers with autism so lots of stops, and the odd hat pinching from guests on the way.

But let's say your wedding ceremony will take approx. 1 hour from start to finish, followed by 30 minutes of photographs and 45 minutes travelling time back to the hotel reception, followed by more photographs once you get to your reception.

So you would have a timeline similar to this:

3.30 pm Ceremony ends and photographs outside church.

4 pm Bridal party travel back to the hotel reception.

4.45pm Bridal party and family photographs at reception venue.

5.15pm Bridal party and guest photographs.

5.30pm Guests ushered into the reception hall.

5.45pm Welcome for the new Mr and Mrs

6pm Speeches from the bridal party

6.30pm Reception dinner is served.

7.15pm First dance for the bride and groom, fooled by father/daughter. son/mother, mother/daughter dances

7.30pm Group Photographs.

8pm Bouquet & garter toss - photographs.

9pm Cutting of the cake.

9.15pm Live Band

9.30pm Buffett

10pm Live Band

10.30pm DJ

11.30pm The new mr & mrs send off with sparklers if having a send off.

12pm The party continues...

This post is just for inspiration, to give you some idea into what you need to take into account, when trying to plan, frame and building your wedding day timeline, if you would like some help to building your own custom timeline, I am more than happy to help, please feel free to contact me at

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx