Weddings - 5 Top Tips - How To Unplan Your Perfect Wedding ! July 06 2016, 0 Comments

Today's post is not about planning the perfect Pinterest or wedding blog wedding, you see articles all the time in the major wedding magazines or blogs out there in the world today.

" how to plan the perfect wedding " But guess what, today I want to inspire you, to create your wedding day that is perfect for you, your likes, your quirks, full to the brim of your personalities, your sense of adventure.

There are loads of places out there such as wedding forums or blogs, all with ways to make your day super sparkly and awesome, But I have a few tips for you !

Tip No 1

Choose the colours you really love, whether thats neon pink, or midnight black, do you want a girly day, or a truly quirky day.

How do you want to feel on the day, like something made of china at all times, or laughing so hard you cry tears of pure joy.

Whatever you want, make sure your wedding day, is truly about you and your partner, its your day, nothing else matters.


Tip No 2

Everyone knows that there are, a million and one things, you could have & buy for your big day !, but heres the biggie... What do you actually want ?

To arrive to the church on a beautiful white unicorn, don't want a church wedding, but a hidden grotto, want to make everything yourself and go cute vintage ?

Then do exactly what your heart desires, it's your day, Go on you know you want to !


Tip No 3

So you have bought your dress, or super cool outfit, and then like Dorothy, you find your dream sparkly shoes !

But yikes ! They don't match ! My advice, buy those super drop dead gorgeous sparkly shoes, that make your heart flutter, wear them with your favourite outfit, or to dance the day away in them, to buy something you truly love, is good for your soul, so go on spoil yourself, you are so worth it !


Tip No 4

 So you have visited a few venues, and finally found the one, the one that has given you goosebumps, like a good song, the one that you have fallen head over heels in love with, the one that has given you butterflies in your tummy and you don't want to leave, hot damn, book it on the spot !


Tip No 5

Easier said than done you think, So my advice ( if you wish to take it ) is to create 2 Pinterest boards, on one pin everything you like, from colours, flowers, themes, cakes, alternative weddings, everything that puts fire into your soul, and on the 2nd board, curate, curate, curate!

On this 2nd board, only pin what you truly love, what sets your heart beating faster, what makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time, your true must haves for your special day.

Remember above all else, this is your day, so your rules !

If all else fails, hire a wedding planner /stylist to help you create your dream creative and bespoke wedding day.

For a free no obligation chat, I would love to hear about your plans, you can contact me at

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx