Weddings - The Ultimate Skincare Routine For Your Man July 04 2016, 0 Comments

Hi lovelies,

Weddings and good skincare is not just about the bride and her maids, Men at one point used to dread using what they called that fancy stuff, but it has become a lot more fashionable and the norm these days.

 So here are a few tips for the perfect skincare routine, for the men in your life.

No 1 a good cleanser, I love this one from younique, it suits most skin types, you can also use it to shave with ( bonus points ), your skin is left feeling soft and super clean, shh don't tell anyone but I use all of what I am going to show you daily !! so I know it works, its cruelty free and has no nasties.



No 2 Amazing refreshed Rosewater,100% vegan, this little beauty can be used for a multiple of things, from sunburn reliever to aftershave balm, it's not just for the girls !


No 3 Uplift serum, I call this my little miracle in a bottle, it can be used to reduce those frown lines, wrinkles, to give an extra boost of moisture to your skin,Tip can also be used to condition your lashes if they feel a little dry,  I use 2 tiny drops in a morning for my eyes or anywhere I have lines on my face, and for my nighttime routine, I mix 2 tiny drops with my moisturiser for an overnight boost ! I also use this on my hands to keep them lovely and soft, Who says men can't have soft skin too.


No 4 Moisturise, In all the ones I have tried, and I've tried plenty over the years, this has to be the best yet, 1 small pea sized amount is enough to give your face a good cover, use more if doing your neck and hands, but a little really does go a long way.





I Love these products not just because they do an awesome job, but they are naturally based, no nasties and cruelty free to, plus if you don't love them once you've tried them, get your money back with the 14 day love it guarantee.


To find out more information about the products, or if you know someone that would like to try them please visit, if you want to try before you buy, you can always request a small sample drop me a message or a comment below the post.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx