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Do You have a make up bag full of half used beauty products ( moisturiser, foundation,half used lipstick, old tools ) I bet you do, I know I used to, with each new purchase, you get high hopes of making those pesky skin care problems disappear right? you know the fine lines ( laughter lines I tell myself ) wrinkles, spots, uneven skin & red patches, and I bet some of those products were really expensive, and am I right they are just gathering dust on your dressing table, or in your bathroom cabinet, do you look at them and see pound signs and sigh at the money you have wasted or thought damn, that money could have bought those fabulous shoes I saw in the sale last week!

I know for years, I did this, as I tried one product after another, until I decided to find the best products for me and my skin, and also for my daily life, you know the busy mum who has to be everyone at once, but I decided I needed to invest the time to use these products properly, and this is the secret, you need to use these products regularly - yes you do I know sucks right, but if you want to see any improvement or change then yes you need to really invest the time.

 So what do I do? I commit to doing my skin both morning and evening daily, plus I treat myself to some well needed me time and have two mini skin pamper sessions per week, but as my life is pretty full on, being a mum, a carer and running a business as well as shopping, cooking, cleaning and being the general dogsbody, you mums know how it is ( high five to all the hard working mums out there you rock ) I have to write it down in my daily planner and make the time to fit it in, 5 minutes both morning and night, plus my two 15/30 mins sessions, and now I have to say my skin loves me, and I love it right back, it's not perfect, but it is better since I have committed to loving the skin I am in.

My routine consists of :

AM: 5 mins: Garner cleansing water, followed by younique daily cleanser & younique daily moisturiser, I use the ones for normal to dry skin, and both this have been a game changer for me, plus they are not full of any nasty chemicals, just naturally based ingredients, plus if I didn't like them or they didn't suit my skin, younique have a 14 day love it guarantee or your money back policy, even if the product has been used, now I bet your local high street purchase doesn't do that, and if I am wearing any make up products that day, I will use a small amount of younique face & eye make up primer.

PM: 5/8 mins Garner cleansing water, followed by younique daily cleanser, then I use 2 tiny dots of my younique uplift serum under my eyes, I then mix 2 drops of the serum with my younique daily moisturiser for the rest of my face hands and neck, but I will be switching my moisturiser to the dedicated younique night time one, as I have heard some good reviews about it, so once I've tried it, Ill do a blog post and let you know how I get on.

Twice weekly: 15/30 mins depending on how busy I am, I usually do this just before getting in the bath for a soak, and I really cherish this me time, ( I do bath daily just so you know ) so I will give my skin a good clean with the Garner cleansing water, I then use my younique charcoal detoxifying mask, and you can see this baby working and you can hear it as it bubbles ( its just like the snap crackle & pop in rice krispies ) followed by younique daily cleanser, serum and moisturiser.

I know this sounds a lot, but as I keep everything to hand, on my dressing table, each routine takes less than 10 mins, apart from the pamper sessions and you could take as little or as long as you like, only you will know what works for your life schedule, so write down your skin care routine & stick it to your mirror, invest & commit your time in your products, nothing worth it in life can be done as a quick fix, get rid of all those half opened products, and start to love the skin your in.

For more information on younique please visit:, or send me a message or email and I will answer any questions you may have.

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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx