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Hello Lovelies and it is the start of another new week...

I love to inspire others, and I love nothing more than making another person feel beautiful, or helping someone with my actions to heal their soul. 

Today I wanted to ask you a question.. Do you love having healthy and beautiful skin? do you love makeup, preferably as natural as possible? Would you love to make a difference? Do you love inspiring others? Would you like to work from anywhere and have a good supportive network?

I may have something you will like, and I want to share it with you, but first a little background.

I am one of those statistics, I was abused from aged 5 to 8 and the scars will live with me forever...

When I first heard about younique it only mentioned that it was a company that were mission based first, they wanted to create a safe haven for women who had been abused, they wanted a place where they could go to heal and to nurture their broken souls, to learn to laugh again, I was blown away and in tears, and even though this company was not in the UK, I knew in my soul, I needed to be involved, so I researched further, I learned they were going to create a company that would help to raise the funds to create this magical place, and also a company that would help others to feel uplifted, inspired and to give them the power to help themselves.

One day I hope to visit this magical retreat..


Are you wondering what this has to do with makeup and skincare? Ok let me show you..

 Younique  have a range of skincare and make up, from the royalty skincare range, to liquid touch foundation, I call this our miracle in a bottle, I have never really been a foundation girl, but this has been a game changer for me, I use 3 tiny drops and it covers my face beautifully and lasts all day, eye palettes and splurge eye cream, and lip stains, lip glosses, lipsticks and the wonderful 3D fibre lash mascara and now the brand epic mascara and lash serum.







And their presenter kit is full of amazing content and it is an outstanding price!!!



This is the biggest and best presenter kit yet, when I started my kit was worth around £125, the last kit was worth around £215, but this kit is worth a whopping £318 approx and all for the cost of a night out.

Don't fancy running it as a business, no problem be a kit napper and just buy the kit no obligation to do anything further and all products remain yours, but let me ask you this...

When you buy your make up from the high street, do you make any money back? do you earn a holiday or other incentives, do the company inspire you to have a network of other strong women?

No... well younique do, even by buying your own skincare and makeup you earn a min of 20%, plus you can also earn cutback and half price items, holidays, incentives and have business training with no fees what so ever.. Ever.. apart from the cost of your kit... and if you or someone else orders from your own unique website, you get paid 3 hours after that sale.

But for me the best bit is knowing I am not putting anything nasty on my face and I am helping others by using younique, by buying my makeup and skincare from here, not only am I earning all the above, I am making a difference and helping to put a smile back on another persons face, by giving them a chance to go to this wonderful safe haven and to start healing.

If you would like more information or to see further what younique is all about please feel free to visit

Any questions feel free to email me at or leave a comment below.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx