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Hello, Lovelies...

Can I be totally honest with you, earlier this year I hit a dark patch, I lost my mojo completely and I felt unmotivated, lost and vulnerable, and even looking through my big ideas notebook which usually kicks something inside of me, left me feeling uninspired.

I was no longer sure of my path, or the direction in life and business, that I wanted to take, my heart was so bruised, and everything felt like such a hard slog, which I know when you are the sole owner of a business it can be, but it no longer felt heart centered, which is something I have always strived for.

So I decided I needed to take time out from my business including social media, blogging and everything that goes with the marketing side, I spent quality time with my family, and had chilled out days for me, which gave me time to allow my soul to be still, to think, no more mad mind monkey, to journal and to just be, so that the answers I was seeking could find me, it was just what I needed.

And if you are feeling like I did right now, about any part of your life or business, know I am holding your hand and sending you the biggest hug, but I would like to share with you, the things I did, which helped me to shake off the dark clouds, and to feel inspired and motivated once more.

Take Time Out

If you are feeling stressed, and you feel like your head is about to burst, you feel like you cannot breathe, and you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, and all you want to do is cry, I cried buckets let me tell you, this is totally fine by the way.

If you can take some time out to clear your mind, 15-30 mins, an hour, a day or a full week like I did, to sit and journal or get your thoughts on paper, or just to take a deep bubble bath and soak for an hour and just let your mind be still, or dream of your favourite place to be, yes I know it's hard, but trust me it works, well it has for me and I hope it will for you too.

I have now made my journalling time part of my daily self-care routine, I use my Emily Ley Grace Not Perfection journal in baby pink, you can get these on the website, and they come in 3 gorgeous colours, baby pink, soft blue/turquoise, or emerald green, shop for yours here in the paper goods section >>>


 Make A Plan To Be Happy

Make a list of everything you've ever wanted to do, I'm currently making my 50 before 50 in readiness for my big 50 in two years, book that holiday you have always wanted to go on, have a cocktail party with your friends, re-read your favourite book, visit the beach and sit on the sand, have a dedicated family days, ours are now a Sunday, only make products or work with people that inspire and uplift your heart and soul.

Just make a plan to live your happiest life and smile everyday xx

Journal Time

I now dedicate time daily to my journalling, I write down my thoughts and dreams and 3 things that I am most thankful & grateful for that day, rubbish stuff happens in life, it can throw you a giant curveball at times, trust me I'm going through mine right now, but it;s how we react that makes all the difference, we can all choose to be negative or happy, and guess what I'm choosing happy, it's better for you.

Focus & Goals

For me I worked on a brainstorming session, as I had so many ideas floating around in my head, I wrote out everything I would like to achieve within the next 5 years, in life and in business, I then section it into smaller chunks of time what I call my 90 day plan, I looked at everything from how I wanted to get fit and healthy, to my business content for my website, blog and products, so I looked up everything to do with these topics, tips, colours themes etc, and I have created a Pinterest board for each topic and written notes in my notebook, if it's a project or new product, I try not to do more than 1 major one per month and 2 smaller ones per month, I look at what I need to do, and by when and I plan it out in my daily planner.

My goals for June & July are:

Launch the first 4 of my curated wedding gift boxes - done

To restart blogging consistently, I have written and scheduled posts for the whole of July. 

To curate my Instagram profile so it speaks more to you, and it is on brand with my message, colours and heart entered at all times.

To redo my newsletter and have my first 100 subscribers, who get a free printable for signing up, you can sign up on the home page of the website

Believe me I know how it feels, to feel like life is passing you by, or you cannot breather, because you are trying to be everywhere, and everything for everyone, but this does pass and it is possible to feel motivated and inspired once more.

I hope my tips will help you, as much as they have helped me, and if they do I would love to know.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx