Lifestyle - A Time For Everything March 06 2017, 0 Comments

Do you feel like your life, looks different to what you had planned ?

Well ; I do most definitely, with me not only being a full time carer and mum for 3 of my four children, well adults now all of whom have autism and learning difficulties, a nanni to my 6 year old precious granddaughter who also lives with me, a wife, a businesswomen and everything else in between, I can honestly say this past year, life has been busy but disruptive.

I hear a lot of people talk about balance, ah I wish, we all want it, but I have to ask, does it ever really exist? Here are my thoughts, on why it doesn't quite sit right for me, not just yet anyway, although I do try.

Life has a way of throwing you curves, just when you thought you were on a straight road, ha don't be fooled !!, it's like riding a bike, a wobble at times, and that's ok, that's life sometimes, well it is here, some days I will get a few good quiet hours when it's just me and my husband in the living room, and I can get quite a lot of work done, apart from when he's asking me to make him a cuppa, lunch or do the housework, the joys of him being retired, but when I do get these quiet times, I relish them as it means I can be quite productive with my day, for I am a sole businesswomen and my business relies on just little ole me, to everything.

Other days oh boy, its a flipping madhouse and i'm juggling children, the hubby, housework, my business, the dog, friends and everything in between, some days I am like Lisa you have got this, other days I just want to run and hide in the corner somewhere and cry, as my dreams and heart get shattered and bone weary tired, But then I'll dry my tears and come out fighting, hey i'm a stubborn yorkshire girl, what can I say.

But I have found for the past year, and still at this present moment in time, my family require me more than ever, more of my undivided attention, and unfortunately my little business has had to take somewhat of a back seat, and my dreams have had to be put on hold, but you know what, my family will laws be my why, and it sits well with my heart, as much as it is exhausting, hard, scary, tearful at times, it is also what id rather do, and I am so very thankful to my customers, family and friends ( flamingos included ) who have been there on my chaotic journey this past year, I could not have done it without all your love, support and encouragement.

I know my time will come right in the end, and I hope you will continue on this journey with me, so If I can leave you, with one thing, I want to encourage you, to embrace your life, warts and all right where you are now, life will always be a tide, that goes in and out, like the softest breath, or a whisper of the gentle breeze, and after all in life, it's all about knowing which way to bend.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx