Weddings - Dear Wedding Couple - Why Us Suppliers Charge What We Do! April 28 2017, 0 Comments

Congratulations on your engagement xx 

This is where the fun begins, as you start to plan your special day, whether you are going for a full on fabulous glamorous day, or a simple back yard affair, you will see lots of  stories online, about how much should your wedding cost? the really simple answer is however much you can afford to spend, if you are on a budget, or however much you wish to, if your not on a budget, this week in the media, there has been lot's of negativity regarding the wedding industry, namely us wedding suppliers, and how we are here to rip you off! this statement for most suppliers, could not be further from the truth ! yes there may be a few dodgy suppliers out there, but luckily for the most part, wedding suppliers are sincere and hard working individuals.

After reading a blog post yesterday from Alison Tinlin from Plan And presents find the article here... I felt compelled to write this so please..

Allow me to give you my view, you don't have to listen, but I hope you do..

As someone who is passionate about weddings, gift giving, good customer service and giving my customers a good level of service, and a small business owner, I feel it is important you know what goes into the business of wedding services, for instance: wedding planning and research, over 250 hours can be spent on research alone, the research part is usually the unseen hours you don't see, and very often are not charged for, then there are the consultations at 1.5 hours each time, unlimited support via Skype, emails and phone calls, mood boards, budgeting, venue scouting, liaising with other suppliers, set up and styling of church and venue, and all the other little details a wedding planning/venue stylist provides.

Cake maker..

Who will most likely use the finest of ingredients from organic free range eggs, refined sugar and flour, But is most likely a small business women working from home, where she will spend countless hours measuring out, baking and tasting, handcrafting the tiny little details, you have asked for, to make sure your cake is the best it can be, what you don't see, the mishaps at 2 am, the broken eggs, the silent tears when her mixer breaks, the hours of research to get the details right for you, the time she can't spend with family because she has to work until gone midnight as it is, to finish your masterpiece in time, the list goes on.

The same can be said for the photographer, who has to carry several pieces of equipment to make sure you get the best shots and angles, they will spend on hours on research for the best locations, lighting etc before ever taking one single shot of you, then the day itself they are often there for you getting ready, until the very last dance, they know when to get great aunty linda, snoring in a chair, uncle bob propping up the bar after the last of the guests have left, your pretty maids breakdancing on the floor with your nan etc, then not to mention the countless hours editing the thousands of shots they have taken on the day, to give you the best shots in your photo album.

The florist who sketches out all your designs, who find colour swatches to match your blooms, who goes to the market at the crack of dawn to pick you the freshest blooms.

The Jeweller who draws all your designs by hand, who spends hours and days sourcing the finest materials for your finished piece, who spends hours creating your tiara to find one bead missing so has to start again, the cut fingers and blisters you don't see, the tears she cries at 2 am when she can't see because she's so tired or when the wire breaks, the biggest smile and the shouts of joy when the finished piece is just as you wanted, these are the precious moments you don't see.

Let me tell you a secret, most of the wedding suppliers I know and have met with are lovely individuals, who have a passion and a fire in their belly to give you the best, most of us are self employed, and we work from our homes from a corner of the living room, we don't have normal working hours from 9-5 ( I wish ) most of us are a one man band operation, which means we do absolutely everything from consulting with you, to handcrafting our items, buying stock, customer service, packaging, taking and editing product shots, our own pr and social media management etc, as a small self employed business owner we don't have the luxury of back up from an employer, if we are sick we still have to work, if the children are ill and we need to take time off, we lose out on business, we have to say no more often than not to our family and friends to spend time with them, so we can finish working on your order, it is a constant battle to do it all and let me tell we try, we probably work harder and longer hours than a normal 9-5, I know I do, my working day starts at 6am while its quiet and before the school run, I don't stop for lunch or a break until my little one is home at 4, then I am back at work from 7-10pm most days getting everything finished, and I know there are lots of us like this, we don't charge for the unseen hours, only the hours we actually work on your order, we don't try to rip you off, we charge a fair price for our work, most of us less than the min wage, because we want to do what we love, and we love giving our best, certainly from me you will get nothing short of 110% of me my time, my ability and my best, to give you the services and products you may need.

So please ask yourself when sourcing a supplier and asking about their prices, not wow thats a fortune, but wow that is someone admire for trying to do their best for me, and ask yourself about the hours they may put in that are unseen by your eyes, Remember most of us are only trying to make a fair wage to support our families.

We are definitely not here to rip you off, but we are here to help..

I hope you found this useful and thank you for listening, and I wish you all the best with the rest of your planning, if I can help in any way, please feel free to email me at