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I am qualified for nothing!!! 

Those were the words I wrote in my journal aged 15...and a part of me wondered what on earth I was going to do with my life...

I had just been forced to leave my high school, due to moving from Yorkshire to Somerset, and to a new school that was hundreds of miles away, and the whole curriculum was totally different, and no matter how much I asked to take extra lessons and homework, I was told I would never make it up, so I was not put forward to take any of my exams, and so aged 16 I left school with no formal qualifications..

I managed to get on a training course or YTS as it was called then, where they put us in several different job opportunities, but it was a messed up system and I was lucky if I got to stay more than 3 weeks in any one placement, so after a year I left and got a job as a mothers help in a town twenty miles away, which meant me leaving home, and moving in with a new family to care for their children, I loved it, but it soon became apparent that I was to do everything from shopping to cooking, to running her errands and total full-time care of the children, who I adored, I didn't mind the hours or the work, but I did mind not being paid the wages she had promised me, £25 a week, which in all the time I was there I never got a single penny, luckily for me I saw my parents on a regular basis and they would bring me the essentials, and leave me with a couple of pounds to see me through until the next visit, in the meantime I looked for another job and told my employer I was going to leave, I was heartbroken I loved those kids.

But a month into my new job, I started to feel unwell, turns out I had fallen pregnant, I wasn't even 18 but not keeping my baby was not an option, you see aged 8 my mother was told I would never be able to have children ( a story for another time )

My eldest daughter was born later that year, I was 18 and I became a full-time mum, I went on to have 6 more pregnancies, but I miscarried at 12 weeks and I lost a baby ( a little girl ) who died inside of me at 24 weeks, and my second pregnancy was twins but only one survived ( my eldest son ) I now have 4 healthy children, but my 3 eldest have learning disabilities.

So I am not qualified for anything on paper!!

I have no real experience in working for others in the job market of today, and my leap into the working world isn't your usual way to do it, but that does not mean it isn't right, we all have to find a way of working that suits us, and our abilities, For me doing things this way has been the best thing for me and my family, I have learned how to love with no boundaries, to have conversations I wouldn't normally have had, to learn how to live with grace and gratitude, patience, understanding and the downright illogical but logical for my kids, seeing the world through their eyes, has indeed been an eye opener and a story I would not change for anything.

Let me tell you a secret...

You can do anything you want to, you can be anything and you can overcome any obstacle, that life throws at you, trust me on this, I've been there, done it and got the T shirt, sure sometimes it means thinking outside the box, and on your feet when you are bone tired, but that is the fun bit.

We are taught from an early age, that getting good exam results and studying hard is the best way, I am not judging that, as I encourage all of my children, and now my granddaughter to do their best, but guess what..... it is not the only way to get a job or find fulfilment in your own way.

I am qualified for lots of things ( nurse, handyman, library assistant, teacher, referee, CEO, photographer, bookkeeper ) and everything else involved in being a full-time mum, carer and business woman, I'm just not trained in any in the traditional sense.

Let me tell you, you can find your own path in life, your way, so go on break the mould.

 I dare you xx


 Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xxx

P.S What do you want to do? that you think you are unqualified for? hit reply and let me know xx