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Hello lovelies,

I wanted to create a new blog series so you can meet the people who inspire me in my business daily, these could be the people I collaborate with within my own business, a business and person who I admire, or someone who inspires me to be a better person on a daily basis, but all will have one thing in common, they either create or support handmade and small businesses or sole artisans.

So let me introduce you the first in our meet the maker series: Bloomtown Botanicals.

Bloomtown Botanicals was founded in 2016 by Preyanka & Medwin after they spent some time in Indonesia, where they witnessed first hand the devastation caused by palm oil cultivation.

 On their return home, they were also horrified to discover that most of our shop bought products contained palm oil in the form of parabens, SLSs and other guises, this prompted them to create their own range of cruelty-free skin and body products, and company.


Their mission is to create ethical, innovative and effective products that not only respect humans, but animals and the environment too, None of Bllomtowns ingredients contain palm oil or any product or ingredient derived from palm oil, or animal derived ingredients,( except for organic beeswax due to be phased out of their lip balms in late 2017 ) nor do they test on animals, or use products or materials that have in the making or manufacturing of any final product, they use recycled materials as much as possible for all their packaging, and their aim is to offer not only friendly service but beautiful experiences as well.

2017 is turning into a blooming good year also for bloomtown as they have won several awards this year already.

Skin Matter Freefrom Skincare Awards


1) Best Bodycare ( wash off product ) bloomtown botanicals sugar scrub - The Meadow - Gold Award, and The spring - Bronze Award.

2) Organic hand & body-wash - The Meadow - shortlisted.

3) Best fresh & fragrant product - Roll on infused oil - The Meadow - shortlisted.

4) Best free-from skincare brand - Gold Award.

The International Beauty Shortlist Awards 2017

1) Winner Editors Choice - The Rose Garden - organic hand & body wash

2) Winner best natural face mask - The Spring - blue clay & indigo leaf soothing mask.

3) Winner - best artisan soap bar - The Clearing - black clay & tea tree soap bar.

Here are some of their gorgeous products... The Rose Garden


The Meadow...

As some of you know I have been busy in the background creating our first range of gift boxes, and we wanted only products that were from the UK and preferably handcrafted, and we were so pleased and excited to welcome Bloomtown Botanicals on board.

Here are a couple of our gift boxes that you can find the Bloomtown Botanicals range inside.

Pink Blush Curated Gift Box


Will You Curated Gift Box

You can find the full range of gift boxes and also a selected range of Bloomtown Botanical individual products on the website at

To find out more about Bloomtown Botanicals check out their website and blog at

Hugs & Wishes

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