Weddings - The Reality Of Costs For On The Day Wedding Planning October 05 2016, 0 Comments

Hey Lovelies, I just wanted to share some of the behind the scenes with me, when it comes to my prices and what is involved, and what you get from me as a wedding or event planner.



It is not a secret that I give 110% of me, my heart and soul to each and every person I help, whether that is with wedding or event planning, or providing a product, I pride myself on giving my customers and clients, a bespoke and individual service, and the best of me and my time.

For my On The Day Coordination service, I don't just turn up on your wedding day, or your event day, my service and involvement actually starts weeks before this, and it involves a lot of my time and effort, so that I can truly make sure, you have a magical and stress free day, from confirming every single supplier, checking timings, creating a detailed itinerary, communicating with the venues and so much more !!

But even though I offer this kind of support, There can still be problems, as I have not been able to build up a personal connection or relationship with all of your chosen suppliers, over the entire planning process or earn their respect or gained their trust, this is very important !! so I cannot hold my hand on my heart and tell you honestly that they will do a fantastic job on the day, as I may not have worked with them before, nor will I have seen the contracts you have with them, and some suppliers may not have worked with a wedding planner before, in short, I have not personally covered all of the tiny and numerous details, that I make sure are taken care of with my full wedding planning service.



Luckily I am the kind of person who gives 100% to attention to detail, and I am confident enough to step in at the last minute, and I am the kind of person who remains calm in an emergency, But if I may be honest with you, which I always am, " On The Day Wedding Coordination " is a huge amount of work in such a short time scale.

This brings me on the hours involved and the pricing, ( I will be honest I hate talking money ) and especially because if I charged for the true amount of hours involved in any wedding planning, I would scare myself, now lets be honest there are wedding planners out there who are offering their services for a silly next to nothing amount, which gives a false impression that those of us who do charge fairly and just for our time and services, are ripping people off, which is certainly not the case!!

So I thought I would share a minimum breakdown of the time I put into planning, in order for me to give the kind of service I do, to make sure everything is as perfect as can be for you, I am giving you my min hours I put into my On The Day Coordination service without travel times, as this can vary between 1 hour and 4 hours depending on location.



1) the first initial phone/email inquiry and in person consultation time - 2 hours 

2) Creating and sending your contract and invoices for booking the service and the first deposit time - 1 hour

3) The full handover with you ( my couple ) before the wedding, to go through all of the final details/checklists time - 2 hours

4 ) Creating a full itinerary and finalising the wedding timeline, with all the details of the main wedding party and each supplier time - 2 hours

5) Communicating and confirming all the wedding details and the timings for the day with all the venues and suppliers involved time - 2 hours

6) Final meeting at the venue with you ( my couple ) to review styling or set up and logistics time - 2 hours

7) Attending and overseeing the wedding rehearsal time - 2 hours

8) Actual time that I would spend on site during the wedding day min 8 hours but can be up to 15 if for example its from 9am - midnight 

9) my follow up with you after the wedding and my follow up with suppliers after the wedding time 1 hour

10) Travel time can be 1 hour or it can be 3/4 depending on your location

Min total hours of my wedding planning time in the run up and on the day is 22 hours but can be 32 hours or more!!



Within the Uk I have seen prices from as little as £300 which is not even minimum wage or as high as £700 or more, these costings and timings sometimes do not include any assistants on the day, and you do also get couples that need or want a lot more phone/email or general support than other brides, each of my clients or couples have individual needs and I pride myself on a bespoke and personal service.

Moral of the story, You get what you pay for, I am not the most expensive, nor am I cheap, but I will charge for my expertise and time accordingly with the hours I put in to each and every wedding or event, you will only ever deal with me direct, and my high level of service and attention to detail, if I don't find it perfect it will be redone, as I want your day to be as magical and as perfect for you as possible, and I will do everything within my power to make it happen.

I would love to know your thoughts x

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx