Business - A New Year Brings Change February 21 2016, 0 Comments

I don't know about you but the start of 2016 seems to have gone extraordinarily quick, For the new year I decide to take a challenge called find your word, You had to pick one word for that year to describe what you wanted/to aim for, I couldn't choose just the one as two words keep resonating with me and those words, Visible and Grace.

The reason I chose these firstly I wanted my business to become more viable to those around me in 2016, Being online only I find you sometimes have to push harder to be seen, And for those that know me I am not one to shout about myself from the rooftops...

I also chose the word grace as I always try to do everything with a little grace as nothing in life is perfect and there will be days when nothing goes to plan.

So I knew in order for this change to happen, I needed to push myself out of my comfort zone and stop being scared and getting in my own way, the only thing stopping me was fear,, My own..


My business is my passion, my heart , my soul and everything I do I give 110% to it, Anything less is just not acceptable to me, And so I am really excited that my belief in myself is paying off and that I took that first step to conquer my mountain, For I have just finished doing my first guest blog post in the way of an interview and you can read all about it at under her London wedding suppliers or on her blog, Note if you don't like spiders cover your eyes...

Another note.. There will be no blog posts next week as I will be in Somerset celebrating with my family as my baby brother is finally tying the knot ( About Time ) its only taken them over 15 years to get there but I'm so excited to share their day.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

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