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Business - Creativity With Soul January 16 2019, 0 Comments

Meet The Creator:



A few Months ago, I joined an Instagram challenge, #marchmeetthemaker by Joanne Hawker, as I realised I needed to become more visible, and more connected with my clients and growing audience, but I won't lie it made me feel super vulnerable, as although at times I can be outgoing, confident, laugh at myself and life, I can also be quite introverted and shy.

And I hate being salesy or not genuine, so I never push me or my products and services onto anyone, even though others often tell me, you need to shout about it more, do more PR and marketing, I find myself still shying away, as I am just a girl who has a passion for giving, creating and helping others, I don't like to shout and I don't ever want to be that salesperson who people can't stand.

For as long as I can remember the art of making things, planning to create something and helping & inspiring or empowering others has been a huge part of my life, from drawing with chalk on the pavements at school, to designing cards, scrapbooking, creative writing and making up stories (currently my granddaughters favourite bedtime routine) making handcrafted pretties, Listening to others and giving advice, to planning and styling weddings and events.

Being creative is a huge part of who I am, and a huge part of my soul, it is the light to my dark, and part of my working world, as I have chosen this path as part of my journey.

But my journey with creativity and this thing called life has definitely not been smooth, in fact its fair to say, I've hit a lot of bumps and had a fair few curve balls, and more than a handful of roadblocks along the way.

Do I call myself an artisan ha no way, Im not that presumptuous, as I still don't get paid to write, to take photos, to make things, to coach, so I don't call myself a writer, a coach, an artist, because if I don't yet get paid, I'm not good enough right?

I still sometimes think who am I to call myself this, who am I to say my work is good enough, ( Who else has a mad mind monkey, playing havoc at times we want it to be quiet) but I know deep down that this is the fear, that is playing with my mind, and within my light.

And my compass, my north star, that I like to call my inner grace, is still trying to keep me small, and protected, and trying to stop me from dreaming and playing bigger, and keeping me inside my comfort zone where it won't hurt as much.

Do I ever say hey be quiet! hell yes, even more so after my breakdown, which led me to strip back everything, and really listen to my soul, but thats another story, which you can read on the post >>>> I am the Author Of My Own Story

But that fear that my soul works are not quite good enough, when someone doesn't like what I've created, or value my time or what I'm offering, well that cuts me deep in my heart, because I'm a person who puts 110% into everything I do and everything I create, so its like I am being rejected or a part of who I am is, if you can relate to this give me a hell yeah, please tell me I'm not alone in this thinking?

I have finally come to realise, after much soul searching, tears of sorrow and laying awake at night, that my handcrafted creations, and my services are not for everyone, and thats ok.

I've learned that just because someone doesn't like what I offer, or doesn't find a connection to me, to what I've created, or to what I say, it does not take away the value, its still my piece of art, or work that I've created, its still a beautiful to me.




So for any fellow creator/maker/artist who struggles with owning your truth and what you are about, I want to say do not be put off putting your heart and soul into your creations.

Do not put of allowing yourself to be vulnerable, its what makes you, and it's you that counts, I know its damn scary to post that blog post, do that video, or post your latest creation, I know its scary to say hey there world I am sharing this with you, please like me.

I for one can't judge you, as im still learning to be visible, and put myself out there more, its a process we all go through.

But I am here to tell you to be brave, have that courage to connect from your place of soul, from your inner grace, your inner fear may try and trip you up, and say hey girl, you're not good enough, but don't you dare listen to that voice, its wrong! so wrong!

There will be someone out there, who values and loves what you do, so go on out there, and just do your thing, whether its painting, videos, podcasts, photography, just create it, and share it, and be so damn proud of yourself.

Below is a picture of me daring to try and share my light with the world, I booked a photoshoot, and for this image I was sat in cowpat, yep you heard that right, and I couldn't stop laughing, anyway it helped take away my fear of being photographed, if I can do anyone can x



Let me tell you, the world needs to see your creations, your soul and your inner fire, so go on I dare you... set the world alight xx

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


Business - Five Ways To Get Planner Organised January 11 2019, 0 Comments

Hey lovelies, and welcome to a new year, I am thrilled to have you all here.
If you are like me, and love being organised, have so many to do lists on the go, and love a pretty planner, then read on.
I always buy myself a new business planner, and for this year ive bought....and I always buy a personal home planner, this year i'm using my Kiki K blush pink and grey large personal planner.
 Have you  bought yours yet  for the upcoming year ahead ? to make your lives more organised, to do what matters the most and to do it all with style and grace.i'd love to know which ones you have decided on, send me an email with your choice and why, or comment below.
I hope you use your planners, to carve out time and space, to plan for the days, weeks and months ahead.
Remember you planner is meant to be used, not just sat on your desk gathering dust, sit down each week ( I use a Sunday evening ) and make a date with yourself, to plan for your week ahead, your top 3 priority's, your to do list etc.
So in preparation for the new year ahead, I've got five tips for using your planner, I hope they help you, as much as they help me, and id love for you to comment and share on my Facebook page how you use your Planners.
Tip 1
When you get your new planner, sit down with a cup of tea/coffee and a nice pretty new pen, and put in all the important dates first, Such as birthdays, anniversary's for family and friends, for the entire year ahead ( I always add mine to both the month to view and the actual day of pages )
Tip 2
Write down any reminders, example : two weeks before term, buy uniform or school supplies, Two weeks before important gift days, i.e.: mothers/fathers day, Buy gifts, I always have a separate business planner and in this I always plot my year ahead and do the same so for the arrival of the planners, I know a month or two before to start a soft launch to let you my customers know they will soon be here, christmas always starts in September etc.
Tip 3
Schedule in any holidays booked or planned for the year ahead, any appointments or meetings you have, or know you need to make, be prepared ! plan your year ahead.
Tip 4
For me one of the most important, especially for a busy mum or the female entrepreneur, and something I think us women very rarely do ! Make a date with you !
Yes self care is important, something I have learned how to do within the last year, so make a date to have a pamper session, lunch with a friend, a quiet coffee with your favourite book, a walk through your favourite park, or even just a soak in the bath with lit candles to sooth your soul, whatever this may be for you, schedule at least one a week into your planner.
Tip 5
And lastly get creative, pretty up your planner, its meant to be used, so whatever your way is from pretty wash tape, to bold and bright pens, cute stickers, pencil doodles, make it yours ! and remember to post images of your planner to my Facebook wall, id love to see how you use yours.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

Lifestyle - How To Create Your Vision For Your Future Life January 02 2019, 0 Comments




Hi my lovelies, I don't know about you, but vision boards are something I have heard a lot about, but I have never actually yet created my own, and I love to be inspired by looking at other peoples, I can get seriously hooked for hours on pinterest, checking out all the pretty vision boards, inspiration boards and mood boards on there.

But thats all about to change, as I have treated myself to a christmas present treat to myself, and on the 6th January 2019 I am going to be spending a full emersive day, full of yummy treats, a little yoga, lots of me time to think and reflect, wonderful women who empower each other to finally create my own future life vision board for 2019 and the years ahead, with the wonderful Lisa Mmcurty. you can find out more about her vision board workshops on Facebook.

In today's busy world it can be downright difficult to stay focused, or to find the time to really plot your dreams, your wants and your needs from the depths of your soul, to make them a reality.

But finding the time for you, for your dreams is just as important as looking after and giving to other people, after all you cannot give fully from an empty cup, trust me ive learnt this the hard way.

And by you reading this post, at this very minute, demonstrates that you want that time to finally focus on you, and your future dreams, even if it is only for a little time, because you know your soul want's something more in your life.

If like me you have never created a vision board before, or you haven't revamped your current vision board for the year ahead, I have a few simple steps to help you get started...

List of things you will need to make a physical vision board:

Magazines or books

Cork board, blank canvas ( painting canvas) large piece of card, to place your images onto to.

Glue, pins, scissors, pretty washi tape, any other decorative bits you may want to use, printer paper/ or card if you are printing images from your computer

If you want to create a virtual/digital/ online vision board:

Canva or picmonkey photo collage template (you can get both of these as a free resource)

Blank word document

Private pinterest board

1) Set the mood to create your board, find a quiet space if you can, i often take myself to our bedroom, light your favourite candle, or listen to your favourite music, meditate, sing, dance, whatever gets you relaxed, reflective and ready to dream big, or go on a full emersion day, like I am, but most of all keep an open mind, and dream bigger and brighter than you've ever dared to before, this is your chance to dream your future life with no limits or boundries.

2) Ask yourself this one important question... what does my heart & soul truly want and desire, not what your sensible head tells you.. dream bigger, dream brighter than ever here, what have you always wanted, where have you always wanted to go, this is your dream bucket list, if money, time or commitments were not an issue, what inspires you, empowers you, uplifts you, this is your chance to dream and create your future life.. because it starts and ends with you.

3) Choose your categories... make your vision board truly reflect you and intentional, zero in on what makes your heart soar and your soul fly, what to do you want to feel, believe and achieve, for example, I will have my business dreams, health & fitness, travel, love, home, family and friendships on my vision board.

4) Collect images.. let yourself imagine & dream by creating & collecting images that move you, inspire you, empower you, uplift you, make you laugh and bring joy to your heart, I love pinterest for this, use whatever lifts your soul, and print out any images you want to use, or pin them to your virtual vision board.

5) Add a motivating or empowering statement, phrase or word for the year to your vision board, for example, the word for me in 2019 is growth, and this will be pinned to the centre of my vision board, as it will be central to everything I do in 2019.

6) Look at your vision board daily.. this is where the magic key lays to creating a vision board that truly works for you, and let your sub- concious mind think and reflect on your words and images, let it generate the things you have placed upon your vision, and bring them to life... But remember the universe will only give out what you sub-conciously give out and what you think and feel, law of attraction and all that jazz... positive out, brings positive in.. 

7) it's up to you if you decide to do a 10 year, a 5 year, an anuual of a monthly vision board, I will be creating a yealy vision board to keep on my desk, and on my pinterest board, but I will also be creating a monthly vision board spread to keep in my planner at the beginning of each and every month throughout 2019.

8) Review your board, you are constanly evilving as a person, so is your mindset and moods, thoughts and feelings, and therefore so will your vision for your future life.. but whatever you do make sure you keep believing in you, and your dreams, both you and them are worth it... always remeber this..

Here is a small snippet of my vision board for my future life in 2019, I hope it helps



I would love to see what you create, so feel free to post a link or comment below.

Hugs & wishes

Lisa xx

Lifestyle - Merry Christmas From Lily Grace December 26 2018, 0 Comments

Those that know me well, know I very rarely sit down or have some chill/ me/ family time...

But this year I am starting my own new tradition.... that will see me shut down the Lily Grace HQ for the whole of the festive season, from the 21st December so that I can have some quality time with my family, making precious memories and sharing cherished times.

So I will although the shop will still be open, I will not be answering any work related enquires or processing any orders, until I am fully back to work on the 10th of january 2019.

Wish this in mind I want to wish you, and yours a very happy festive season, and lots of good wishes for 2019 xx




Business - Where I first Started, Secret Garden Photoshoot December 24 2018, 0 Comments

Where My Business Was Born


Hi lovelies, as I embark on my new businesses journey with Lily Grace,  I thought I would share a photo shoot that was done for me, when I was very first starting out with my handcrafted jewellery designs. and known as Lovelili, I still at this point, knew I wanted to inspire others, and I wanted to empower others, but I wasn't at all sure how to go about this, and what I really wanted to create.

I thought the way to go was to create one of a kind designs, and at this point in my life, I had just discovered steampunk, which fascinated me and still does, I love the fantasy element of belonging to a different world, even if its just for one day, and I love all things mystical and magick, so I created a range that had a little steampunk, mixed in with whimsical delicate details, that would suit a magical secret garden full of fairies, I have always loved fairy stories, magical stories and the secret garden was one of my favourite films, so I mixed my love of all this together.



I was lucky enough to have the wonderful and talented Hollie Burgh Davey on board as my photographer, and the photo shoot took place in the glorious somerset countryside.




I had an enormous amount of fun creating these one of a kind designs, and they remain some of my favourite designs to date, and I still do love to get creative, with one of a kind designs, whether its whimsical or weddings.


Photography: Hollie B Davey

Model: Shannah Chapman

All Jewellery: created by Lisa of Lily Grace (then known as Lovelili )

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


Mindset - How To Get Soul Naked And End 2018 with I'm Enough! December 24 2018, 0 Comments

You are the kind of person who finds it easy to open up your soul, to another person, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, feelings. fears, desires and your future hopes & dreams.
2018 is coming to an end quicker than a firework, and personally I cannot wait, the desire to start afresh each year hits me with a bang, the desire to have a fresh clean slate, and to put the past behind me, in the hope that this next year will be better.
Whose with me on this one?
The thought that 2019 will be an exciting new chapter, a new adventure to explore with new challenges can be a source of joy, but it can also be a source of stress and strain, if you are still carrying the baggage from previous years.
However there is a way to make 2019 the best year yet, and that in itself is enough, in fact your perspective, your moods and your current situations can change in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, trust me I know this firsthand.
I will say personally for me, I have decided that 2019 is going to be my best year yet, partly because it's my big champagne birthday.... where i'll be clebrating my big....5-0 and I cannot wait to celebrate this milestone in my life, and make my next 30 years plus the best ever!!....Who wants to come join me and celebrate with me?
And partly because i'm setting up my own vision for my future life, and if all these things i'm planning happen, I will be a transformed, empowered woman, something I havent been for a very very long time.
So with my future plans in place and grace in my heart, I am so excited to guide you, to inspire you, and to support you with your golas for the rest of this year, and for 2019 and beyond, even if you don't know what they are yet!, that's ok  remember rome wasn't built in a day.
But in order for this to happen... it starts now... while 2018 is still with us....
So how do you make 2019 your best year yet?..... it sounds so simple, and that's because it is simple.
And all you have to do is get NAKED.... no not the kind of snuggling up to your partner naked ( although thats your choice ) but when I say get naked, I mean the getting naked at a deeper level, you know the deep down soul naked with yourself!
The kind of soul naked that makes you feel raw, vunerable, beautiful, sexy, and complicated under your layers of skin, bone and your own damn emotions, you know the ones you've been hiding, so that you can finally start to be true to you, you know the heart, soul and the core of you.
Try these questions on for size.....
1) Do you have something in your life, that if you could fix, if so how would you fix it? or do you have something in your life you would make completely disappear? how would you make it disappear?
How would this make you feel?
2)What causes you stress, discomfort or is a source of shame in your life?
Journal on this, and write down your thoughts and feelings as you do so.
How does writing these things down make you feel?
3) What's your greatest frustration?
I know you would rather walk across a bed of nails or hide within within yourself, than open up to yourself,or to those you hold close, family friends etc,  I mean really open up like you never have before, not just scratching the surface of you, but the deep down inner you, that you have hidden away for so long, that you have forgotten what you actually look like, or really feel like.
However if you truly want a clean slate and truly want to be totally and unconditinally true to yourself, you have to put your ass on the line... and get totally and completely vunerable AKA soul naked....
This past year I have been practising my own vunerability, in the hope I will inspire others to do the same thing.
In order to up my game, i'm showing you what i've been hiding under my clothes..
So here goes...time for me to get completely and utterly soul naked with you...
I have been hiding my true self for nearly 45 years, ive been hiding under a blanket covered in deep trauma that i'm still uncovering, drama, and deep down soul searing heartache, and throughout all these years not ever loving myself as I should, and I feel so completely vunerable and soul naked sharing that with you, because up until now ive never shared how I feel with anyone, not even those I love, but that all changes from today...
I have decided I don't want to hide anymore, I don't want to hide my inner light, my true soul self, I don't want to hide my thoughts, feelings or emotions, and boy is it a pandoras box of tricks to be slowly uncovered, and layers peeled back, it's going to a vunerable, soul searching ride for me to do, but a ride I need to take in order for me to step into my own self acceptance.
The heartache, drama and trauma of my past, present and future has been and will continue to be a part of me, but it will no longer define me or what I am able to do, so I will also ask myself these 3 questions.
As ive let my past and present consume me and stress me out instead of facing it head on, ive hidden from how ive really been feeling, my thoughts and emotions, and i've gotten angry, so damn bloody angry, i've let it disconnect me from what I wanted from my life, from the people I love, and my relationships with other people.
I let it it stop me from never fully trusting another person with knowing the true soul self of me, and I don't want to feel ashamed of my past, my choices, my decisions I may have to make, for me and my family, I don't want to be judged by my outer shell anymore, for it's just a mirror for someone who has spent so long hurting and hiding.
My true soul self is a shining light for others, a giver with my whole heart, someone who loves to laugh, and work hard, a person who loves big always, if I love you, I do so with my whole heart, if I trust you with my soul as a friend, your a friend for life, there is no half measures with me, I say it how it is, I talk to much about nonsense when im nervous, I blush when im nervous and I sob when im angry.
But this is me, it's who I truly am body, soul and mind, I am letting my past, trauma, drama and heartache go, it no longer serves me and I don't want it to have power over me any longer, I cannot change the past, or the present, but I can damn change my future....
It's time for a change, time to get real, time to get really raw and vunerable, and it's finally time to take my courage by the balls... so I can gain my confidence, and my visibility back.... it's time to start 2019 with a bang.... and make it my best year yet!
So my lovelies, ..... let's start a damn rebel revolution to make a change, a revolution to be our own sassy selfs, a revolution to finally start being true to our soul selfs and a revolution to let our souls be our guiding compass in life, it knows the way, we just need to be guided...
So let's be brave and bold souls, no more hiding, no more feeling ashamed, no more feeling worthless... because beautiful you are amazing and worth much more than you know...
Let's make a toast to 2019 being the year you put you first, the year you finally start being true to you, the year you put your heart and soul to work for you.
Give yourself the gift of you this season, and get soul naked, face your fears, and say yes to making a change, and making you, and your own damn dreams come true, ill be there to catch you, if you stumble along the way...
Want to know more about how I can help you, click the image below...
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

Lifestyle - Be A Dreamer December 19 2018, 0 Comments

Hey lovelies, do you ever wish you could just dream the day away? I know there are days that I do.

Days just to be creative, to play, to be silly just for the fun of it?

So tell me what is stopping you? don't you think you deserve to take a moment to just breathe, to take the time to slow down, the time to close your eyes and just dream, you know the kind, the big dreams you had as a child.

So my lovely, why dont you take a moment, just for you, time to find your favourite place, and allow yourself to find your inner wild child, your inner wild grace, and your inner dreamer, and to lose yourself in the moment.

So get creative, be visual and create yourself a vision/dream board, Pinterest is perfect for this, or make a virtual one and get messy with glorious colours, with glitter, glue sparkles and paper, don't hold back, dream your biggest dreams.... no rules just let your inner child roam free.



It's time to allow yourself to be a little wild every day, dance & sing around your living room, run barefoot in your garden whilst the dewdrops are still shining, be a little naughty, laugh out loud with your best girlfriend, let your inner light shine bright, sparkle your way through the day.

Do something you have always wanted to do, take those risks, life is for living, enjoy all the small imperfect moments, love the small details, go skydiving, swim naked in the sea under the moonlight, read that book, go to New York at christmastime and enjoy the festive magic, write that novel.

It is your life and we don't have the luxury of tomorrow, we only ever have today, so live your life how you really want to.

Not one of us can predict the future, so let yourself re-connect with your passions and your inner dreams.

Do not let other's tell you how to live, what to believe in, you are your own unique soul, and this is about you, your hopes and your wildest dreams, so hold onto them, run with them & allow yourself to enjoy your own journey.

Don't dream in colour for others, dream for you...

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

Lifestyle - 17 Before 2018 - Plan Your Goals To End Your Year With Sparkle ! December 14 2018, 0 Comments

Hey Lovelies xx

I hope you are having an awesome week so far, I cannot believe how quickly it has gone, I have been catching up on work, messages, and emails, and I came across an old email from the lovely Lisa Jacobs with the title #17before2017.

Now I had totally forotten about this, but I love to set myself a do to, and goals to achieve before a certain date, how about you? have you ever set yourselves goals to finish ?

No why not ? last year I set myself 3 big goals and 2 small goals to finish by the end of 2017, But it did not go to plan, as life had other ideas, so this year I am having a re - read of Lisa's post, and  upping my game to achieve at least 10 of my do to and goals list to finish before the end of 2018, some big, and some small, some business related, some personal...

So the first thing I am going to do is write those goals down in my pretty business and life journal, with dates to have them all finished by if they need a date that is...


My go to journal is my Emily Ley, grace not perfection journal, which you can find in the shop here ...

So here is my list of #17before2018, I am only aiming to complete 10, but if I complete them all i'll be a happy lady.

1a) Overhaul and glam up my office space, I currently work from my living room, so it needs to fit in with my colour scheme in here, so my intention is to clear out all old work into storage boxes, old coursework as above, and new work and current content into new pretty and glam binders and storage boxes.



1b) Buy new pretty and glam stationary, binders and office accessories in my brand colours of bold magenta, navy peony, gold, and white, but also add in a shot of silver, grey and purple/plum, which is what my living room colour scheme will be, when it is finally finished.



1c) Create a pretty and glam vision board, to put on my wall to keep me inspired daily.

2) I have started to redecorate my living room, in shades of light grey, silver, white, with blush pink, magenta and plum colours, light, rich but cozy, but have yet to add any new accessories, so I plan to create some new wall art and pictures, buy a new lamp, and buy the tiny and small details/finishing touches such as candles, trinket dish, photo frames, and warm snuggly cushions & knitted throws etc.

3) Launch my new range of handcrafted semi precious gemstone jewellery collection #mantra, and work on my curated gift boxes, to keep you nurtured and cherished.

4) Catch up with my girlfriends over a coffee.

5) Schedule monthly date time with my hubby, currently he sees the back of my head far to much, the joys of working from home.

6) Schedule weekly creative and spiritual time, I want to feel that soul lifting joy, in my life and business again, so I want to be able to do my photography, when the sun shines in my living room in the afternoon, or just to be creative for the sheer fun of it, or to simply just sit and let my soul be still.

7) Restart going to a book group.

8) Book a date with the girls, for our annual christmas shopping trip.

9) Restart my healthy eating, make a weekly meal plan and stick to it.

10) Build my soul lifting music playlist.

11) Book a day in December to do my annual christmas wrap, this is where I kick everyone out, put on cheesy christmas music, or play a christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, eat to many satsumas, and get the presents out of hiding, and wrap them in pretty paper and tied with a bow.

12) Make a commitment to post daily to FB

13) Master FB live videos, feel the fear and do it anyway.

14) Start to develop my own line of affirmation oracle cards and quote cards for Lily Grace.

15) Book a date with myself for an afternoon or a full day of just being still and present to enjoy a day just for me, to breathe, to pamper, to nourish my soul, to read or watch a soppy movie, to just be...

16) to finally start writing my book.

17) To start to draft my plans for content and products for 2019.

And finally to remember why I started my creative journey, and to always just be inspired to enjoy the journey xx



So why not do your own #17before2018 and set your own goals, to make your year end with a sparkle .


Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx




Business - Lily Grace is Live December 12 2018, 0 Comments

After weeks building behind the scenes, I am excited to finally say....
You can now go shopping.. find us here at
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

Lifestyle - Easy Ways To Give Gratitude And Grace December 10 2018, 0 Comments

I am a big believer in being graceful, ladylike and thankful at all times in my life, but sometimes it can be flipping hard, especially if you are stressed to the max, busy or just simply forget, when you are juggling family, life and business and our lives are just full to the brim of noise.



So today I want to share some tips on how I am am starting to give gratitude and grace in my daily life.

These are easy to implement into your life, and it will help to give joy and graceful beauty, even during the most stressful times in your life.

1) Keep a daily journal - I write down daily my thoughts, worries, dreams, and what I am thankful for, I usually start my day with a cup of green tea, and 15 mins of journal time, in my Emily Ley journal, we are all sometimes forgetful, and we forget to record and treasure those little moments in life, I look back each month at what I have written, it always amazes me what comes out, today I am thankful for my precious granddaughter who made me smile after a weekend of tears, and feeling just yucky.

Emily Ley journal in pale pink, turquoise or Kelly green available at


2) Watch what you say - My mum used to say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, and I have taught my children this as well, it is not always easy to be nice, especially if those around you are mean and rude, or a stranger is rude to you, but as I was growing up, I was bullied a lot, and do you know the lesson I learned, apart from being scared, is that rude people or bullies hate a smile, so I smile sweetly and pay a compliment to those around me, even if inside I feel like crying, giving up, not good enough etc or being rude back ( which is not my nature ) always remember your attitude mindset and positivity change everything.

3) Say thank you, write little notes of thanks to someone who has helped you, or made your day better, your husband, your children, delivery man, postman, friend etc, send them a smile in a note x

4) Always try and learn and be inspired by others - so read that book, that you have always wanted to, take that watercolour art course, walk through the meadows on a sunny day with a friend, talk to a fellow professional friend that inspires you and whose work you admire, the women in your life who you are inspired by and learn from daily, tell them, and do the same for someone else, be" the person who others want to learn from.

5) Me time - Yes it is hard, but carving out 30 minutes in your day, to relax and just be you is important for the soul, so run a bath and light the candles, turn on the music and soak your troubles awy, enjoy that chilled glass of wine and sneaky chocolate biscuit whilst watching your favourite soap, or just sit in your favourite comfy chair with that book, you have always wanted to read, just breathe and be still for 30 minutes every day, ah bliss xx

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

Business - Gemstones For December December 09 2018, 0 Comments

How much do you know about the gemstones


Crystals for your birthdate

For December you have two gemstones you can choose from, Turquoise, and blue topaz, both very beautiful stones.

Turquoise Facts

Turquoise comes in varying colours, natural turquoise can be pale blue with no markings, to greeny blue with spots, stripy marks or mottled blue, green and brown or indeed you can also get dyed turquoise, or turquoise blue jade.

The most valuble turqiouse came from Persia (now Iran) and the aztecs mined turquoise from New Mexico, it can now be found in mines in the U.S including Arizona, California, and Nevada, Chile, China and Tibet.

Turquoise Meaning

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Blue Topaz Facts

Blue Topaz comes in three main shades of blue, Sky Blue Topaz, a light blue colour, London Blue Topaz, a deeper blue colour than either the sky blue or the london blue topaz, and Swiss Blue Topaz,again a lighter blue in colour.

Natural blue topaz can be found in Northern Ireland and the UK, and also in Brazil, Afghanistan, Burma, China, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Russia and other places.

Blue Topaz Meaning

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Who else shares a birthdate with these beautiful gemstones? You may just share your birthdate with these women.

Judi Dench - English actress and author - 9th December

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Business - Last Posting Dates For Christmas For 2018 December 08 2018, 0 Comments

Hey lovelies, it's that time of year again when the C word comes up again (yes christmas is on it's way) but I always like to post the postal dates well in advance of December, especially as for international postage some can be as early as the 4th December 2018.


So below you will find a list of Royal mail's last christmas posting dates for 2018, this is the service provider I use for posting my items, and I use a 1st class signed for postage service, for most of my products unless you the customer, specify a different postal service, I would hate for anyone to be dissapointed, and not get the items in time, so please give yourselves plenty of time to order, and have them delivered in time for the festive period.

International Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2018

Africa, middle East - 4th December 2018

Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, Eastern Europe - 7th December 2018

Carribean, Central & South America, Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand - 10th December 2018

Cananda, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, & USA - 14th December 2018

Finland, Sweden, 15th December 2018

Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, France - 18th December 2018

If your country isn't listed, please contact me for  postal dates for christmas 2018.

UK Last Posting Dates For Christmas 2018

2nd class signed for postage - 18th December 2018

1st class signed for postage - 20th December 2018

Royal mail tracked 24 service - 21st December 2018

Royal mail special delivery - 22nd December 2018

If the postage service you require isn't listed, please contact me in plenty of time for christmas posting, and i'll do my very best to help.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xxx