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Lifestyle - International Women's Day March 08 2018, 0 Comments

Happy international "womens" day

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


Style - Mother's Day Gift Guide March 05 2018, 0 Comments

I can't believe its Mother's day at the end of this week, where does the time go, hands up like me if you are a last minute gift buyer? 

I really have no excuse considering that I make things for others, but I always find myself last minute panic buying, so I thought I would put together a last minute mini mothers day gift guide for you.

Each and every mum deserves to be spoilt and queen for a day, after all she is the woman who has nurtured, encouraged, inspired and moulded us into the women and men we are today.

So for you all you mums who are doing a fabulous job, I hope you all have an amazing day on Mother's day xx

Mini Mother's Day Gift Guide by wild grace:

1) Treat her to some items so she can pamper herself, like this gorgeous natural sugar scrub, in the rose garden, from our soulful apothecary section.


2) Handcrafted jewellery always make the perfect keepsake.


3) A pretty journal so she can record her daily thoughts & ideas, our Emily Ley grace not perfection Journal is the ideal companion, and it comes in 3 gorgeous shades, pale pink, turquoise/light blue or emerald green.

4) A curated gift box full of pretty treats, here at wild grace I am working on a range of different curated gift boxes for all kinds of occasions, or why not commission a bespoke hamper, there is still time!

All the above products can be found on the wild grace website.

5) Or why not give her the gift of her own business, for the cost of a takeaway or a night out, she could have her own business, and choose either to do nothing and keep all the gorgeous goodies inside, and still earn 20/25% commission on buying her own products, or build herself a part time/ full time business working from anywhere, and have an army of other inspiring women behind her, its a win/win either way and one of the best decisions I have ever made.

To find out more about the business opportunity, visit, or if you have any questions post me a comment.

So if you're a mum or planning to buy a mothers day present, what would be your ideal gift, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx





Business - Creativity With Soul March 01 2018, 0 Comments

Meet The Creator:

Today I started an Instagram challenge, #marchmeetthemaker by Joanne Hawker, as I realised I needed to become more visible and more connected with my clients and growing audience, but I won't lie it makes me feel super vulnerable, as although at times I can be outgoing, confident, laugh at myself and life, I can also be quite introverted and shy and I hate being sales or not genuine, so I never push me or my products and services onto anyone, even though others often tell me you need to shout about it more, do more PR and marketing, I find myself still shying away, as I am just a girl who has a passion for giving, creating and helping others, I don't like to shout and I don't ever want to be that salesperson who people can't stand.

For as long as I can remember the art of making things, planning to create something and helping others has been a huge part of my life, from drawing with chalk on the pavements at school, to designing cards, scrapbooking, creative writing and making up stories (currently my granddaughters favourite bedtime routine) making handcrafted pretties, to planning and styling weddings and events.

Being creative is a huge part of who I am and a huge part of my soul, it is the light to my dark, and part of my working world as I have chosen this path as part of my journey.

But my journey with creativity and this thing called life has definitely not been smooth, in fact its fair to say, I've hit a lot of bumps and had a fair few curve balls, and more than a handful of roadblocks along the way.

Do I call myself an artisan ha no way Im not that presumptuous, as I still don't get paid to write, to take photos, to make things, to coach, so I don't call myself a writer, a coach, an artist, because if I don't yet get paid, I'm not good enough right?

I still always think who am I to call myself this, who am I to say my work is good enough, but I know deep down that this is the fear within my inner wild grace, trying to keep me small and trying to stop me from dreaming and playing bigger, and keeping me inside my comfort zone where it won't hurt as much, do I ever say hey be quiet! hell yes.

But that fear that my soul works are not quite good enough, when someone doesn't like what I've created, or value my time or what I'm offering, well that cuts me deep in my heart, because I'm a person who puts 110% into everything I do and everything I create, so its like I am being rejected or a part of who I am is, if you can relate to this give me a hell yeah, please tell me I'm not alone in this thinking?

I have finally come to realise, after much soul searching, tears of sorrow and laying awake at night, that my handcrafted creations, and my services are not for everyone, and thats ok, and I've learned that just because someone doesn't like what I offer, or doesn't find a connection to me, to what I've created, or to what I say, it does not take away the value, its still my piece of art, or work that I've created, its still a beautiful to me.

So for any fellow creator/maker/artist who struggles with owning your truth and what you are about, I want to say do not be put off putting your heart and soul into your creations, do not put of allowing yourself to be vulnerable its what makes you, you that counts, I know its damn scary to post that blog post, do that video, or post your latest creation, I know its scary to say hey there world I am sharing this with you, please like me.

Be brave, have that courage to connect from your place of soul, from your inner wild grace, your inner fear may try and trip you up, and say hey girl, you're not good enough, but don't you listen to that voice, its wrong!

There will be someone out there who values and loves what you do, so go on out there and do your thing, whether its painting, videos, podcasts, photography, just create it and share it, and be damn proud of yourself.

Below is a picture of me daring to try and share my light with the world, I booked a photoshoot and for this image I was sat in cowpat, yep you heard that right, and couldn't stop laughing, anyway it helped take away my fear of being photographed, if I can do anyone can x

The world needs to see your creations, your soul and your inner wild grace fire, so go on I dare you... set the world alight xx

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


Reflect On Your Year January 05 2018, 0 Comments

It's that time of the year again, time to reflect on your past year, the goals and the dreams you set for yourself in 2017, your achievements, what you loved in 2017 and what you didn't.

It's now time for a little self reflection, a time to look forward, time to create the life you truly want and deserve in 2018, so make some time for you, to sit quietly with your favourite brew, maybe light your favourite candle, or have some of your favourite tunes playing in the background and reflect and really consider how you want to truly live your life in 2018.

Here Are Some Important Reasons To Reflect On Your Year:

1) Celebrate your achievements  - Start your new year by focusing on everything you got right, the successes you have had in the past 12 months, nothing is excluded, celebrate the compliments you got, the fact you remembered a friends birthday ( or like me your own wedding anniversary whoops ) the cuddles you got from your babies ( even though they are now officially adults and it's uncool to hug your mum ) or just because everything went well for you, and also celebrate the not so wins, because hey beautiful, lets just celebrate the fact you made it through another year.

2) Celebrate what you learned  -  From Big mistakes, to tough situations, to letting go of being too perfect ( it's overrated and grace is better than perfection ) to learning you cannot control life or every situation, it happens and carries on regardless ( I learnt this the hard way in 2017 ) write it all down with gratitude and grace in your heart and soul, for what lessons it taught you, and carry it with you to a better, brighter future.

3) Find your joy  -  Focus on what makes your soul happy, what brings the light of a smile to your face, is it the laughter of family? The smell of the first summer rose? Music that makes your heart beat and your feet tap? Or something new that you have tried and you found you loved? Whatever it is, take some quiet time to reflect on what truly brought your heart and soul pure unadulterated joy, what brought you laughter, happiness and an inner fire to your soul over the past 12 months, and make sure you add more of this magic sauce to the next 12 months, feeling happy, and fulfilled affects all areas of your life, it makes us all more kind, more tolerant, more productive and more loving, so find your joy, and let it light you up, like a beacon in 2018.

4) Set your soul goals  - With how you intentionally want your life to be, and the life you really want to live, but more importantly how you actually want to feel in your dream designed life and lifestyle ( I am focusing on feeling more pure joy ) dream bigger than ever, dream brighter than ever, your soul goals may be 1 year, 5 year or 10 year goals, but your future is yours and only you can hold yourself back ( trust me I've been there and done it ) so don't stand in your own way any longer, dream bigger and brighter than ever before, go on I dare you!

4a) I find it helpful to write down how I want to feel, and what I want, what I truly want my life to be like and I create a vision board to represent this, I have both a Pinterest board for this and also a vision board on my desk that I can see daily, try it for yourself, but live the life you truly desire and are worthy of.

5) Design your life for the next year  - Start with the question, how would I love to feel/how do I want to feel, do you want to feel more connected to the present, do you want to feel more calm and peaceful, do you want to feel healthy, happy and empowered? Then ask yourself, what do you want to do more of? Do you want to connect more with like minded business people? Do you want to work with that person you have admired for so long? Do you want to do more creative stuff? Do you want to work less hours and spend more time with family? What experiences do you want to have? Do you want the freedom to travel more? Design your life with your feelings, your thoughts, your experiences and what it is that you truly want for your life and your lifestyle, remember this is your life, you can do what you want with it, so dream bigger, get creative and get really clear and focused on your dream vision, design it, make it fun, but most of all make your life intentional for you.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

Style - The Beauty Hub - Your Eyes Are The Window To Your Soul January 03 2018, 0 Comments

Hey lovelies, I don't know about you, but when I talk to someone or smile at someone, I like to look at them and let my smile be a big one, they say your eyes can say more than words ever can, so I like to make the most of my eyes with a pretty shade of shadow, or a slick of liner and my favourite mascara.

In the picture below I am wearing my all-time fave daytime look, with shades from my moodstruck addiction palettes, 1 and 5, one coat of my 3D fiber lash plus mascara, ( transplanting gel only ) and my favorite splash liquid lip stain in sentimental.

I love having a natural look for the daytime, and the fact that all the products are naturally based with no nasty chemicals is a bonus too. 

If you would like to try any of the products, let me know and I can send you samples, or you could buy the product you want, if you don't like it, send it back and get your money back, as we have a money back guarantee.

what have you got to lose, nothing you get to try a fabulous product, if you love it, keep it, if you don't send it back and get your money back.

For more information visit

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx



Business - Top Tips Planning For The New Year December 30 2017, 0 Comments

Have you got your New Year's Eve sorted? Planning a big party with family and friends, or a cosy country pub with just the two of you, something different, or like me sat in the comfort of my home with my nearest and dearest, and watching Jools holland annual hogmanay show with a glass of bubbly in hand.
Planning for the year ahead is always exciting, I am a huge fan of planning, writing down my to do lists, my goals and dreams for the new year ahead, and pens and pretty stationery.
For me it is my time to carve out a little bit of me time, to find a quiet corner ( in my mad house can sometimes be well mad ) a chance to light my favourite candle, listen to a little music, cup of tea on hand and plan for my year ahead, time to make a fresh start, that is always filled with the promise of exciting opportunities, important changes to health, wealth, and life.
I feel that planning should be about being inspirational and intentional, its for all the good things you want to feel, its about gratitude and grace, and its about not being perfect, because lets be honest, life never is.
So with all this in mind, I have put together a few top tips to help you...
1) Set aside some me time - start with a planner you have chosen for the year, this year I am using 2 maybe 3, 1st my wedding biz planner, 2nd my Kikki K large personal pink and grey planner, 3rd happiness planner if I do decide to buy it ( still pondering this one, id love to know your reasons for buying it ) and dedicate at least 1 hour, preferably a full morning, afternoon or evening if you can, for you to plan for your year ahead.
Do not feel the need to rush this, take your time to design your dream year, a year that truly fits with how you want to feel, how you want your life to be, make it joyful, arm yourself with your favourite pens, stickers, wash tape, a glass of bubbly, tea, cake, a candle and give yourself the gift of time, relax and enjoy the planning process.
2) Start with your vision - get creative, get really clear and specific on how you want to feel, on what you want to experience, on how you truly want your life to be, dream bigger and brighter than ever before, where would you love to go in the world, who would you love to work with, to connect with, do you want your life to be more simple, more calm, more graceful, write it all down every single thing, and then plan to make it all happen, and by when if you have specific dates in mind, and plan out the steps you need to take to make your dream life a reality.
3) Create your goals for each season - I don't know about you, but I always have a zillion and one things I want to achieve, and I always have more goals than time, but not this year, I've learnt from the last few years, thats its to much, and I end up feeling like a failure, so this year I will be doing things differently, I will be realistic about how much time I actually have, and what I can achieve within my working day, my weeks and my upcoming new year.
How about you? Think about your current commitments aside from work, and plan around them, maybe you can only work on 1 project per month, or 1 every 3 months ( spring, summer, autumn and winter ) however you choose to plan, limit yourself, don't set yourself up to fail, but to flourish, know you can be flexible and that you can change your plans at any time, relax and grow with it.
4) Make connections  -  Ask yourself who can support me in the new year ahead, not just in business, but in life too, who has always been by your side, no matter what, who would you love to work with, to connect with and how will you reach out to them, how will you be putting yourself forward for new opportunities in the new year?
5) Schedule a planning session every couple of months, I do this every 3 months, its my own north star session, where I can come back to my compass and my journey for the year, changes can happen and often do, curveballs can hit your life that throw you off track, and you may have to adjust or reset your goals and dreams, so make some time to plan regular, give yourself the opportunity to reflect and make any changes you need to along the way, to make sure you are loving life and living the life you have intentionally designed.
Don't put it off, dedicate time in your calendar now!!, chose to do this once a month, or every 3 months ( like I do ) plan and live your life with inspired intention, gratitude and grace, and most of all plan a life that is perfect for you.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

Lifestyle - You Can Do Anything November 20 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Lovelies, I know from experience, it can be hard to tell yourself you can, especially if you feel invisible, not worth it, and you feel the world is against you, believe me I have told myself I can't a thousand times or more, I am my own worst critic, and have not believed in me or my dreams several times in the past, and I know it can be so damn hard to fight your own inner mind monkey, and the negative self-talk.

But guess what!! no one can do you like you can, no one can walk in your shoes, as they have not been on your journey, and no one can take away your goals or dreams, only you can do that!

For so long I have let others dictate my life, I have let my circumstances get in the way, and I have compared myself to others so many times, I've lost count, but do you know what?

I have finally realized it was me that was getting in my own way, are you guilty of this too?

Your goals and dreams are up to you, it is your responsibility to discover what sets your heart on fire, and your soul alight, no one else can do this for you, so even if it is for small amounts of time daily, do something that sets you on fire.

Write down everything you have ever wanted to do, everything you have dreamed of, all your goals and future plans, and make these into an action plan, and make those beautiful dreams of yours a reality.

So here are a few things to try, that can remind you, that yes you actually can do anything you want to!

1) Buy a beautiful notebook, and write out your hopes, dreams, fears and goals ( this will help you to get out of your own way )

2) Buy a beautiful daily or weekly planner, plan out those action steps to turn your dreams into a reality.

3) Join a community of like-minded women Here

4) Do something that scares you, step out of your comfort zone.

5) Do something special just for you, and make a date with yourself once a month, or have a friend join you, for a lunch date, a spa day, a long soak in the bath, or snuggled up with a hot chocolate and your favorite book.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx



Style - The Fashion Edit - Birthstones For November November 17 2017, 0 Comments

Hey lovelies, November already wow where has this year gone...

November for me, always has a feeling of change, the seasons moving, the weather getting colder, the nights drawing in, for me it has always been a time of magic ( getting closer to christmas yay ) and a time for new beginnings and letting go of the past, I always do my last north star business session in November, where I plan what still needs to be done to end the year, and I plan out my goals for the new year.

This months birthstones Citrine & Topaz fit beautifully for starting afresh and soothing one's soul, both can be similar in colour ranging from the oranges of autumn, to bright sunshine yellow, this makes them easily confused, but there are clear differences in both...


Citrine has very striking golden, yellow, sometimes burnt umber tones and hues, and has been worn and adored since ancient times, and gained mass popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries, the name citrine comes from the french word "Citrin" meaning lemon, the ancient romans used it to make beautiful jewellery, and intaglio work and some roman priests had the gemstones made into rings.

The greeks carved images into the stones, and others used citrine for luck, as it holds a resemblance to topaz, many believed that this precious quartz gemstone, held the same healing properties as topaz ( which is a calming & prosperous stone )

Citrine is now a very popular stone in its own right, as it is thought to encourage imagination, creativity, wealth, and positive energy.



Topaz has long been one of my favourite gemstones, I just love the clarity of the blue colour and the soothing sensation it always gives me, but you can also get topaz in various other colours from yellow to blue.

Topaz is well known for it's soothing and healing energy, and it can also help to inspire creativity.

If you love your healing crystals, you cannot go wrong with either of these ones in your wardrobe.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


Lifestyle - Be A Dreamer October 27 2017, 0 Comments

Do you ever wish, you could just dream the day away?

To be creative, to play, to be silly just for the fun of it?

So tell me what is stopping you? don't you think you deserve to take a moment to just breathe, to take the time to slow down, close your eyes and just dream, you know the kind, the big dreams you had as a child, so find your favourite place, and allow yourself to find your inner wild child, your inner wild grace and to lose yourself in the moment.

So get create, be visual and create yourself a vision/dream board, Pinterest is perfect for this, or make a virtual one and get messy with glorious colours, with glitter, glue sparkles and paper, don't hold back, dream your biggest dreams.... no rules just let your inner wild roam free.

Be a little wild every day, dance & sing around your living room, run barefoot in your garden whilst the dewdrops are still shining, be a little naughty, laugh out loud with your best girlfriend, let your inner light shine bright, sparkle your way through the day.

Do something you have always wanted to do, take those risks, life is for living, enjoy all the small imperfect moments, love the small details, go skydiving, swim naked in the sea under the moonlight, read that book, go to New York at christmastime and enjoy the festive magic, write that novel.

It is your life and we don't have the luxury of tomorrow, we only ever have today, so live your life how you really want to.

Not one of us can predict the future, so let yourself re-connect with your passions and your inner dreams.

Do not let other's tell you how to live, what to believe in, you are your own unique soul, and this is about you, your hopes and your wildest dreams, so hold onto them, run with them & allow yourself to enjoy your own journey.

Don't dream in colour for others, dream for you...

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

Business - Changes Ahead October 21 2017, 0 Comments

Hi Lovelies, I bet you are wondering what is going on, well let me fill you in...

Glitter And Grace is changing......

During the summer and into the autumn, my heart was severely challenged, not just with family issues, but with my marriage and my business, I felt lost, sad, jaded, uncreative, unmotivated and so alone, so I decided I needed to take a little time out from everything, I knew I needed to take a step back from business and just spend some time regrouping my thoughts and gathering up the pieces from my heart.

I spent time alone with my kids, with myself journalling my thoughts about what my heart and soul wanted from life and my business, how I wanted to show up in the world and how I wanted to help others.

And I am happy to say I finally have some of it figured out, Business wise, I am rebranding as I am going back to my hearts desire, to create with intention, to give you beautiful, handcrafted & meaningful gemstone and crystal jewellery for all occasions, and to create gifts with intention for the soul, to make you feel cherished.

To create content to inspire.

To create a space online for the woman who feels invisible, unconfident, unsupported, and alone, maybe you work from home, or you have been a care your whole life, had to deal with lots of trauma in your life, I have created a Facebook group just for you, and you are never alone... Come join us at You Are Wild Grace xx

So over the coming weeks you will see changes slowly being added to the website, such as new branding colours, a new logo and a brand new name Wild Grace.

So please do bear with me whilst all these changes are being made, in the meantime you can still order anything as the website address will not change until all the changes that need to happen are done and completed.

Business - Define Unqualified September 06 2017, 0 Comments

I am qualified for nothing!!! 

Those were the words I wrote in my journal aged 15...and a part of me wondered what on earth I was going to do with my life...

I had just been forced to leave my high school, due to moving from Yorkshire to Somerset, and to a new school that was hundreds of miles away, and the whole curriculum was totally different, and no matter how much I asked to take extra lessons and homework, I was told I would never make it up, so I was not put forward to take any of my exams, and so aged 16 I left school with no formal qualifications..

I managed to get on a training course or YTS as it was called then, where they put us in several different job opportunities, but it was a messed up system and I was lucky if I got to stay more than 3 weeks in any one placement, so after a year I left and got a job as a mothers help in a town twenty miles away, which meant me leaving home, and moving in with a new family to care for their children, I loved it, but it soon became apparent that I was to do everything from shopping to cooking, to running her errands and total full-time care of the children, who I adored, I didn't mind the hours or the work, but I did mind not being paid the wages she had promised me, £25 a week, which in all the time I was there I never got a single penny, luckily for me I saw my parents on a regular basis and they would bring me the essentials, and leave me with a couple of pounds to see me through until the next visit, in the meantime I looked for another job and told my employer I was going to leave, I was heartbroken I loved those kids.

But a month into my new job, I started to feel unwell, turns out I had fallen pregnant, I wasn't even 18 but not keeping my baby was not an option, you see aged 8 my mother was told I would never be able to have children ( a story for another time )

My eldest daughter was born later that year, I was 18 and I became a full-time mum, I went on to have 6 more pregnancies, but I miscarried at 12 weeks and I lost a baby ( a little girl ) who died inside of me at 24 weeks, and my second pregnancy was twins but only one survived ( my eldest son ) I now have 4 healthy children, but my 3 eldest have learning disabilities.

So I am not qualified for anything on paper!!

I have no real experience in working for others in the job market of today, and my leap into the working world isn't your usual way to do it, but that does not mean it isn't right, we all have to find a way of working that suits us, and our abilities, For me doing things this way has been the best thing for me and my family, I have learned how to love with no boundaries, to have conversations I wouldn't normally have had, to learn how to live with grace and gratitude, patience, understanding and the downright illogical but logical for my kids, seeing the world through their eyes, has indeed been an eye opener and a story I would not change for anything.

Let me tell you a secret...

You can do anything you want to, you can be anything and you can overcome any obstacle, that life throws at you, trust me on this, I've been there, done it and got the T shirt, sure sometimes it means thinking outside the box, and on your feet when you are bone tired, but that is the fun bit.

We are taught from an early age, that getting good exam results and studying hard is the best way, I am not judging that, as I encourage all of my children, and now my granddaughter to do their best, but guess what..... it is not the only way to get a job or find fulfilment in your own way.

I am qualified for lots of things ( nurse, handyman, library assistant, teacher, referee, CEO, photographer, bookkeeper ) and everything else involved in being a full-time mum, carer and business woman, I'm just not trained in any in the traditional sense.

Let me tell you, you can find your own path in life, your way, so go on break the mould.

 I dare you xx


 Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xxx

P.S What do you want to do? that you think you are unqualified for? hit reply and let me know xx






Lifestyle - Perfection Does Not Exist September 01 2017, 0 Comments

Why I want to share my story with you..

Because for a lot of years, well most of my life, I had no self worth, no self acceptance, I was always telling myself I was not and am not good enough, beautiful enough or worth anyones time or energy.

Never feeling quite good enough!

I believed all of this, and a lot more, it has affected me and my life more than I can say, and I believe to some extent, we are all guilty of doing this to ourselves at some point.

For me the negative self talk, helped me to give in to years of hidden pain, self abuse ( starvation, binge eating, anxiety, being my own bully) and abuse from others, as a child I went through the pain and trauma of having a parent not loving me or wanting anything to do with me, he still doesn't and it hurts, from suffering sexual abuse from a family friend from aged 5 to 8, from being severely bullied and nearly dying at the hands of my bullies from aged 5 to 15, and as an adult both sexual and mental abuse from former partners, these are just some of the battles I have fought and come through, not unscathed I have to say.

I am now however finally feeling my inner light, my inner girl goddess peeking through, I work on my mindset and myself each day, but I know it won't ever be an easy ride, I will always have the devil on my shoulder, I am not perfect, but that's ok, as I don't want to be, you see I don't believe perfect exists.

I will always be a work in progress, I believe we all will, and I will continue to love myself better each and every day, because I believe this stuff, the taboo subjects, the feelings we all have of not being good enough, the subject of abuse both physical, sexual and mental, mental health, addiction of all kinds, need to be talked about, not hidden away in a dark corner, or talked about in shushed tones and in secret rooms, as they are not something any of us should be ashamed of.

I was that girl who accepted the wrong kind of love and attention, because I needed to know I was okay, that I was part of the popular group at school, because I was worth loving.

I was that teenage girl who survived on an apple a day, and nearly killing myself in the process, because I wanted to be invisible, I thought if no one could see me, they would stop bullying me, the abuse would stop, the hatred I felt for me would stop, my dad would wouldn't hate me any more.

I was the women who became a binge/comfort eater to drown out the pain of failed relationships with men who seriously hurt and abused me, the failure of a marriage, the feeling of letting my kids down, the woman who still feels ashamed of my story, lonely and vulnerable as hell and scared that things won't get better.

But here's the thing, I know they do, because I now have an amazing and supportive husband, a wonderful family and a few close knit friends I can count on one hand and I am now running my own business, although it will be changing direction in the next few months.

But please don't think that my life is now a bed of roses, let me tell you it is far from it, I still have my life's struggles and a lot of work to do, to keep that self hating devil from my shoulder, to lose the weight i know I need to, ( 3 stone at least) to become healthy, so if anyone fancies being my accountability partner just holler, and I still have my dark days where I just want to curl up in a ball and hide.

But today is not one of those days, and the dark days are getting lighter, because deep down that inner light, my inner girl goddess, knows I am enough, and so gorgeous....

So are you, so let your inner light shine bright xx

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx