The World Of Lily Grace

A world for the soul dreamers, the truth seekers, the gypsy soul's, the one's who believe in mermaids, and fairytales, and love, the ones with a soulful heart.

Hello lovelies, I'd like to welcome you, to the world of Lily Grace.

This is where I let my imagination run free and create:

Soulful heart led coaching & mentoring sessions & packages, workshops & retreats.

Handcrafteded with heart bespoke, one of a kind, and limited edition:

Headdress, hair pieces, gemstone healing jewellery, Swarovski crystal & freshwater pearl, and other precious metal jewellery, for weddings, proms, pageants, races, special occassions and everyday, that has thought, meaning, and my heart poured into each and every piece, that is designed to be worn and cherished.

Paper goods, including cards for weddings, birthdays or just because, inspirational quote & art prints, notebooks, journals and mantra cards, and heart centered curated gift boxes & gifts, that inspire, uplift and empower you.


Are you.... Looking to let your imagination run free?



Being True To Yourself: Starts With You!


For the one who loves daydreaming by the beach, or walking barefoot amongst the bluebells, the one who talks to themselves, and sings loudly in the bath hoping no one can here ( me too)

For the one with the free spirit waiting to break out, for the woman & the child who wants to find a life full of love, joy and who wants to find their inner light, magick and grace with their heart, their soul, and a sprinkle of sparkle xx


Follow your heart it knows the way


Hi I'm Lisa, the founder and creative director of  Lily Grace, my passion is to help women and children, follow their heart, their soul, and their deepest desires, to create their own life, full of joy, sparkle and themselves.

To create and hadcrafted bespoke pieces of jewellery, artwork or gift, full to the brim of your personality.

To provide coaching, jewellery, gifts & artwork that give back hope & grace, to survivors of sexual & domestic abuse, and mental health services.

 I want to inspire, and support you to be true to yourself, and to find your own sparkling style, 


I believe in the magick of you, and will lead with my heart to help & guide you, to unleash the magick and the power, that is within you already.

I handcraft & hand design, each piece of jewellery, artwork or gift with obsessive attention to detail and 100% of my heart and soul.

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Lily Grace remains a small independent online coaching & lifestyle brand, I love to keep things personal by being honest, by being transparent, by encouraging you to ask any questions you need to ask, by being here 110% for you, and by not being anything other than what I am x

 You are Lily Grace, and this is your journey, #forwhatmattersinlife.

 Lily Grace EST 2018 - Empowering women & children, through creative expression, where your soulful & magickal heart comes to life. 

Get letters from the heart, I write about mindset & mental health, and how to put the soul of you, at the heart of your life.

Love (weddings) who doesn't love a pretty wedding picture, life, living with soul and grace ( working from home tips )

Home & interiors, travel, style in your later years, make up & skincare, and anything else that tugs at my heart.

 I share my hints, and tips for being organzied in a crazy world, and tools to help you on your own journey, and if you sign up, you will also be the first to hear about any upcoming events, special exclusive offers just for my subscribers, and much more.



Lily Grace's work and ideas are copyrighted, please feel free to be inspired but do not steal, or take any images without my permission, thank you for your understanding.


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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx