Hi And Welcome To The World Of Lily Grace

For the sensitive woman, for the woman who still has a wild heart and sensitive soul, for the woman who has lost herself, for the woman who feels invisible, for the dreamer, the doer.

For the control freak and the perfectionist inside of you, the carer of hearts, the give myself a hard time and procrastinator, and the one who hides beside herself because you fear your not enough ( you so are)

For the one who loves daydreaming by the beach, or walking barefoot amongst the bluebells, the one who talks to themselves, and sings loudly in the bath hoping no one can here ( me too)

For the one with the free spirit waiting to break out, for the woman who wants to find a life full of love, joy and who wants to find her inner wild grace with style, grace and a sprinkle of sparkle xx

Follow your heart it knows the way

And just so you know, it already knows the way, just close your eyes, and listen, listen to what your heart and soul already know, and what they are telling you.

My aim to help women follow their heart, their soul, and their deepest desires, in life, business and beyond,women who have experienced lack of confidence, that feeling of not being enough, the feeling of being invisible, I am here to say you are enough, you are beautiful, and you can do amazing things, I want every women to be able to speak her truth without fear of being judge by others and the limits those judgements place upon us.

My aim is to inspire and empower you to feel the fear and do it anyway, claim those f..k ups, forgive you and others who no longer serve your amazing self, so you can be free to do what you want and be daring enough to go for your dreams, without the constant fear of failure of feeling not good enough, reach higher lady, your worth it.

I want you, to love you, every single inch of you, I want you to be able to say, hey this is my life I no longer live by your rules, the shoulds and the should nots, I want to inspire and empower you to say hey until youve walked a mile in my shoes with a beautiful smile and a f..k you ( trust me their not you, and would probably have fallen on those 6 inch heels, you have called your rollercoaster life)

Hi i,m Lisa a writer, creative soul, and a heart centered empowerment and holistic coach in training (see bottom of page for my current training programmes) and although I may not have my formal qualifications yet, I feel the life I have led so far, and the life experiences I have had, have already qualified me to say hey I got you, I totally understand, as ive been there, done that and got the flipping T shirt, ive lost count of how many times people have said you should write a book about your life, it will help others.

My mission and passion in life is to inspire, support and empower women around the world who have felt the way I have felt, and thought no one understood, or was there for them and using my heart centered coaching, holistic services, or my handcrafted and heart curated gifts, I want to inspire you and help you find your own sparkling path, to live your life and lead with your soul as your compass.

I am based in the beautiful market town of Beverley with its stunning minster and friendly folk, I work both online and in person with absolutely amazing women who know there has got to be more for them and in this brilliant thing called life, I mean heck if we can give birth, we can do anything right??? especially with the right shoes, lipstick and a cup of tea ( as my beautiful yorkshire nan would say) hey im a yorkshire girl, tea's in my blood.

If this has you saying oh this is me, this is how I feel, I so know what you mean, then feel free to check out the blog, sign up for the letters from the heart newsletter, or reserve your no obligation 30 minute soulful chemistry call £25 - paid on booking, redeemable against further coaching packages or sessions ( via skype, email in person or telephone) to have a natter about how I may be able to inspire and empower you, to make the changes you need to walk down that sparkly path with a smile, this soulful chemistry call has no ongoing commitment (unless you want that) as much as I would love to do the soulful chemistry call for free, it is not physically or financially viable, nor is it refundable if the call is cancelled, and no further sessions/packages booked.

If you need to postpone or reschedule your soulful chemisrty call, please do so no later than 48 hours before, by emailing lisa@glitterandgrace.co.uk.

I offer 1-1,  group, and corporate heart led inspiration and empowerment coaching ( reiki and retreats coming soon )  I also create handcrafted healing gemstone & Swarovski crystal jewellery, that is designed to be thoughtful, have a meaning, worn and cherished every day, and curated gift boxes & gifts, that empower, uplift and inspire you.

I handcraft each piece of "jewellery", artwork or gift with obsessive attention to detail and 100% of my heart and soul.

My Mission & values

To uplift you, to inspire you, and to empower you, to become who you are, to help you find your inner grace, to give you the tools to find your path in life, I handcraft my products in the UK and I sell directly to you, from my home studio, this means you don't have to pay for any other costs, such as a storefront, a middleman or a designer label.

What I believe in

I believe in magic, moon-dust and fairytales, true love, magical journeys and walks in the woods, that sometimes less is more.

That it is better to be a one-off, to show your flaws, to be vulnerable, and that we are all allowed joy in our lives, a little hope and lots of grace.

And pretty things should be worn and given and not cost the earth, and that I love to give back and to inspire others.

And this is why I have pledged my commitment to giving back to others, especially those who have mental health issues and those who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse, mental and domestic abuse.

A minimum of 5% percent of all gift box sales goes to giving back to support mental health issues, over 450 million people worldwide suffer from mental health issues, learning difficulties, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, stress with our charity for 2018 Young Minds.

And for every product sold ( including gift boxes ) Lily Grace will donate 5% of sales to my new charity The Hope & Grace Foundation, this will go towards the funding of Grace care packages that will be given to SARC centers, and other sexual abuse, domestic abuse and other agencies, across the Yorkshire region and within the UK, so that all abuse survivors will have hope, grace, and dignity.

Lily Grace remains a small independent lifestyle & soulful heart led coaching practice & online lifestyle brand, I love to keep things personal by being honest, by being transparent, by encouraging you to ask any questions you need to ask, by being here 110% for you, and by not being anything other than what I am x

 You are Lily Grace, and this is your journey, #forwhatmattersinlife.

 Lily Grace EST 2017 - Where your graceful heart comes to life. 




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Lily Grace's work and ideas are copyrighted, please feel free to be inspired but do not steal, or take any images without my permission, thank you for your understanding.

Lisa xx

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Get letters from the heart, I write about life, living with soul and grace, about the curveballs life throws at us, and there have been some huge ones, about falling apart and putting yourself back together, I share my hints, and tips for being organzied in a crazy world, and tools to help you on your own journey, and if you sign up, you will also be the first to hear about any upcoming events, special offers, birthday treats and much more.

I believe in being honest and transparent at all times, and although I have been there, and come out smiling, in order to fully serve others, I am currently in training towards my heart led soulful and holistic coaching in these areas..This does not stop me coaching & mentoring in the meantime, it justs means until I am fully certified which is not a UK legal requirement, my fees will be lower during 2018/2019 so take advantage whilst you can.

I am currently during 2018/2019 studying several advanced life coaching certification courses, in life coaching, life story work, life purpose, happiness, confidence, art therapy life coaching certification & art therapy for healing & happiness, and in Feb 2019  I will also be starting my heart led life coaching training with the beautiful you life coaching academy to become ICF certified alongside my other certifications.

During this period the prices to work with me will be lower, ( although I feel what life has thrown my way, makes me qualified & in the Uk it is not a legal requirement )

After I have qualified my prices will rise to reflect this.

NLP Advanced Practitioner Certification

Mindfullness Master Level Certification Course

CBT Practitioner Certification

REBT Mindset Certification

Counselling Advanced Certification

Hypnotherapy Practitioner

Reiki Master/Teacher Certification

Crystal Reiki master/teacher certification

Advanced aromatherapy diploma, as well as working with essential oils as part of my coaching & holistic services.

Angelic healing advanced practitioner diploma

To reserve your no obligation 30 minute soulful chemistry call £25 (skype, email, in person or telephone) email me at lisa@glitterandgrace.co.uk