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You Matter, mind body & soul

Do you feel....

That you cannot move past the trauma & triggers of your past

You constantly rescue other people, and help with their problems, rather than dealing with your own well being, and your own life.

That you are invisible to other people, your partner, your children, your business peers, the world.

That if you were perfect, people would like you.

A deep desire for better, a desire to bring back your inner fun loving and confident self, a desire to be seen & heard.

A deep longing for more soulful connections with people and the world around you, that you no longer want perfect, but imperfect grace, a longing for real direction.

Are you....

Healing after trauma from abuse, relationship breakups, feeling invisible, lack of confidence.

Struggling with your own sense of self worth, self love, negative mindset, confidence and just being you.

Looking for a new career after staying at home and looking after children, or looking to build your own business, are you finally ready to go for your dreams.

Wanting to be brave, and to stop battling your own inner critic.

Ready to start owning who you are, and being true to you, the heart of you, and start living, loving and leading your life, your way, so your light can shine brightly, with your soul as your compass.

Ready to rule your world with your soul as your compass


Being True To Yourself: Starts With You!

For the woman who hasn't had the perfect life, but still has a wild heart and inner grace, for the woman with a sensitive soul, for the woman who has lost herself, for the woman who feels invisible, for the woman who is the dreamer, the doer, for the woman who wants to have her bright light & energy back in her life, for the woman who wants her passion for life back, for the woman who knows life isn't perfect, but wants to make her life and herself the best version they can be.

For the control freak and the perfectionist inside of you, the carer of hearts, the give myself a hard time and procrastinator, and the one who hides inside herself because you fear your not enough FYI you so damn are enough!

For the one who loves daydreaming by the beach, or walking barefoot amongst the bluebells, the one who talks to themselves, and sings loudly in the bath hoping no one can here ( me too)

For the one with the free spirit waiting to break out, for the woman who wants to find a life full of love, joy and who wants to find her inner wild grace with style, grace and a sprinkle of sparkle xx


Follow your heart it knows the way

And just so you know, it already knows the way, and always has, just close your eyes, and listen, listen to what your heart and soul already know, and what they are telling you, you've just got to be brave, and you've got to want to take that first step, hold my hand, i've got you.

If you want to begin the journey of being true to yourself, and your dreams, you're in the right place! I can help:

I am Lisa, the founder and creative director of Lily Grace, My aim is to help women follow their heart, their soul, and their deepest desires, in life, business and beyond.

Women who have experienced lack of confidence, happiness and that feeling of not being true to themselves, and their dreams, after suffering a trauma, after spending their whole lives looking after children, and others!

My mission is to help the extraordinary and beautiful soulful women, who have that feeling of not being enough, the feeling of being invisible, the feeling that their dreams are not worth pursuing, the feeling of not knowing where to turn.

I am here to say you are enough, you are beautiful, and you can do amazing & wonderful things, I want every woman to be able to live, and speak her truth without the fear of being judged by others, and the limits those judgements place upon us, or the limits we place upon ourselves, trust me i've so done this too.

My mission, my passion, and my aim in life is to inspire, support and empower you to feel the fear and do it anyway.

To claim those f..k ups, to forgive yourself, and others who no longer serve your amazing self, so you can be free to do what you want.

And be daring enough to go for your dreams, without the constant fear of failure, or feeling not good enough, reach higher lovely lady, you and your dreams are so damn worth it!

I work to support my clients with confidence, empowerment, happiness and inspiration, and handcrafted and heart curated gifts,

So they can be the very best versions of themselves, and so they can love & live their very best lives, with their soul as their compass.

I want you to love you, every single beautiful inch of you, I want you to be able to say, hey this is me, and my life.

I no longer live by your rules, the shoulds and the should nots.

I want to inspire and empower you, to say hey until youve walked a mile in my shoes with a beautiful smile and a f..k you, then don't judge me, my life, or the choices I choose to live by.

Trust me their not you, and would probably have fallen on those 6 inch heels, in this crazy world you call your rollercoaster life.

 I want to inspire, and support you to be true to yourself, and to find your own sparkling path, so you can live your best life yet, so that you can let your light shine, and be the very best version of you, so you can chase those dreams of yours, with your soul as your compass.

Because I believe you are.. More courageous than you know, bloody beautiful, a shining star with such inner grace, a soulful warrior, but mostly I believe you are a survivor of what you thought would break you!

Your past may have had an impact of who you are today, but it does not make you, break you or define you, so my lovely it's time to raise your crown high and reach the sky, there are no limits, only your own boundries, let's break the walls..

It's Time...

To say no to being a victim of your past, of your cirmcumstances, it's time to move past the heartbreak of loss, toxic relationships, and negativity.

It's time to say yes to transforming your negative self beliefs into powerful empowering and positive self beliefs, it's time to say a hell yes to restoring your own faith in you, in self love, self care and self empowerment and to being true to you and becoming the best damn version of yourself!

If this has you saying oh this is me, this is how I feel, I so know what you mean, then check out my signature coaching packages, they have been designed with soulful intention, to help and support you, to live your best damn life so far!






 Are you being your very best self? Are you loving & leading your life? Are you being true to yourself?

So why being true to yourself? and what is personal empowerment?

Commiting to being true to yourself, your soul, your life and your dreams, is the first step to feeling a sense of belonging, whether that is in your work life, your home life or your love life.

And it's one that is needed in this crazy world right now, after all, we all like to feel we belong somewhere right?

Every one of us has the right, and the responsability to grow into being the very best version of ourselves, including the "imprefect" bits, especially the "imprefect" bits, those are what make us who we are, after all a flower still blooms even in the rain.

Being true to yourself & your dreams is: the best gift you can give to you, because before you can give yourself, and belong to anyone else, or anything else, you must first be true to yourself, and belong to you!


To reserve your no obligation 30 minute soulful chemistry call £15 - paid on booking, redeemable against further coaching packages or sessions ( via skype, email in person or telephone) to have a natter about how I may be able to inspire and empower you, to make the changes you need to walk down that sparkly path with a smile,.

My soulful chemistry calls have no ongoing commitment (unless you want that) as much as I would love to do the soulful chemistry call for free, it is not physically or financially viable, nor is it refundable if the call is cancelled, and no further sessions/packages booked.

If you need to postpone or reschedule your soulful chemisrty call, please do so no later than 48 hours before, by emailing lisa@glitterandgrace.co.uk.

I can help you with 1-1 coaching, group coaching, and corporate heart led inspiration and empowerment coaching ( reiki and retreats coming soon )  I also create handcrafted healing gemstone & Swarovski crystal jewellery, that is designed to be thoughtful, have a meaning, worn and cherished every day, and curated gift boxes & gifts, that empower, uplift and inspire you.

I handcraft each piece of "jewellery", artwork or gift with obsessive attention to detail and 100% of my heart and soul.

Shop here at www.designedbylilygrace.com

Lily Grace remains a small independent lifestyle & soulful heart led coaching practice & online lifestyle brand, I love to keep things personal by being honest, by being transparent, by encouraging you to ask any questions you need to ask, by being here 110% for you, and by not being anything other than what I am x

 You are Lily Grace, and this is your journey, #forwhatmattersinlife.

 Lily Grace EST 2018 - Where your graceful heart comes to life. 




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Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx